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    • Angel Poems

    The Big “C”

    The Big “C”
    (Inspirational Poems About Cancer)

    The big “C”, I heard someone call it
    another just whispered the word –
    That we don’t even dare to say cancer out loud
    gives it power it doesn’t deserve.

    So I’m giving that letter new meaning
    and refusing to give in to fear –
    By reclaiming the power for you and for me
    and by saying these words loud and clear.

    Let the “C” be for cure and compassion
    let it stand for the candles we light –
    And a chorus of voices shouting, you can
    to all who will take up this fight.

    Let the “C” be for cash contribution
    credit or check will work, too –
    Let it stand for commitment and checkups and cheer
    and the children counting on you.

    Let it mean that we know our creator
    is beside us each step of the way –
    And remind us to call on His strength and His love
    and to celebrate every new day.

    To everyone facing this challenge
    I say it’s a fight we can win –
    Tell all who will listen that, starting today
    the “C” is for courage, my friend.

    – Kathy Cawthon Cancer Survivor

    The Big C I Heard Someone Call It Poem About Cancer

    God Looked Around His Garden

    An Empty Place

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    God looked around his Garden
    and found an empty place –
    He then looked down upon his earth
    and saw your loving face.

    He put his arms around you
    and lifted you to rest –
    His Garden must be beautiful
    he always takes the best.

    He knew that you were suffering
    he knew you were in pain –
    And knew that you would never
    get well on earth again.

    He saw your path was difficult
    he closed you tired eyes –
    He whispered to you “Peace be Thine”
    and gave you wings to fly.

    When we saw you sleeping
    so calm and free of pain –
    I wouldn’t wish you back
    to earth to suffer once again.

    You’ve left us precious memories
    your love will be our guide –
    You live on through your children
    you’re always by our side.

    It broke our hearts to lose you
    but you did not go alone –
    For part of us went with you
    on the day God called you home.

    God Looked Around His Garden And Found An Empty Place

    Angels Walk Among Us But They’re Very Hard To See

    Angels walk among us but they’re very hard to see, no wings or halo do they have, they’re just like you and me. The thing that makes them different, is the kindness that they show, to each and every one of us, everywhere we go. When a homeless person reaches out and most of us rush by, the Angel will not question him, it doesn’t matter why. Angels don’t see color, nor creed, to them we’re all the same, an open mind is a beautiful thing and it is their claim to fame. Angels never need reward, for the service they provide, recognition is not what they seek, their conscience is their guide. – Grief Loss Facebook

    Memorial Poems Cards Angels Walk Among Us But They Are Very Hard To See

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    Tiny Angel Child Memorial Poems

    Tiny Angel

    (Baby Boy Poem)

    For a brief and fleeting moment
    an Angel touched the ground –
    With tiny wings and halo
    and sweet, soft Angel sounds.

    Blessing the lives of others
    in beauty and in grace –
    Those who saw the Angel knew
    God had kissed his tiny face.

    The Angel came for reasons
    we may not understand –
    A journey brief, with gifts so great
    and guided by God’s hand.

    So, rest now tiny Angel
    your work on earth is through –
    In the beauty of God’s perfect love
    we saw His gift in you.

    For A Brief And Fleeting Moment An Angel Touched The Ground Baby Boy Loss Poem

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