Friendship Poems

Friendship Poems

Friendship Poems are a perfect way to convey your thoughts and feelings to your special friends on their Birthdays or just to show how much you care. There are many different friendship types, so there are many ideas and examples of Short Poems About Friendship here for you to copy or use for composing your own poems on friendship. I think Best Friend Poems are a lovely way to express feelings that so often go unsaid especially on Birthdays. So take the opportunity when their Birthdays arrive and let your Special Friends know exactly how you feel about them. Share or write in a Birthday Card, one of these Poems About Friendship and Friendship Verses with your friends today.


Friends Till The End

To the ends of time
I will love you my friend ..
A friendship like ours
has no definite end.

You raise my spirits with
ways I can’t find ..
Always lifting me up
and ever so kind.

I’m blessed and thank you
so lucky am I ..
My friend you are treasured
till the day that I die.

My Special Friend

Thinking, way back of
a memory or two ..
The day before, the day
that I, first met you.

When we’re young
friends came and went ..
Some stayed forever while
others were just lent.

But as time went on
a good friend came along ..
It’s not very often
just like an old song.

Our friendship is unique and
I just wanted you to know ..
my friendship is forever
where ever you may go.

End Of School Friends

As I sit here in class, and
observe all my friends ..
Thinking I’ll look forward to
this final years end.

It’s going to be sad
when we all say good-bye ..
I’ll miss everyone so much
for sure, I will cry.

So many great moments
some good some bad ..
But, the best years of my life
so far, that I’ve had.

I don’t want to say good-bye
to this final year, with my friends ..
So, I don’t think I really want
this year to come to an end.

A Friend That’s Always There

My Friend you’re like a flower
as beautiful as a rose ..
Your petals are always open
you’re a friend that always knows.

Thank You For Being My Friend

I came to you in
my hour of pain ..
looking for answers
I cried in vain.

I shared my fears
that hid in my heart ..
You were my friend
right from the start.

Troubles, like rivers
ran through my life ..
You picked my pieces and
helped me through strife.

With nowhere to go
and none to live for ..
You opened your heart
as well as your door.

There’s none more special
so kind and true ..
How blessed I am, to have
a friend like you.

A True Best Friend

I have been so lucky as
true Friend are hard to find ..
That’s why I am so thankful
that I can call you mine.

Whenever I feel down
you’re there to catch my tears ..
You’re the holder of my secrets
Throughout, all of these years.

When I need you, most of all
you always help me through ..
No one could replace a
true best friend, like YOU.

Thank You My Friend

A friend will not always agree
with, all that you believe ..
A friend will always stay behind
when others always leave.

A friend will always care enough
to see that you’re okay ..
A friend will always see you through
no matter what you say.

These are the things
that good friends seem to do ..
These are all the things you are
the friend I found in YOU.

Short Poems About Friendship

Lucky To Have You My Friend

How lucky I am to find a friend
someone tried and true ..
You’re always there
you always care and
I’m just thanking you.

A Friend Forever

I never thought
that I would find ..
A friend like you
so sweet and kind.

My memories of
the day we met ..
Are ones that I
will never forget.

I’ll always love you
till the end ..
Thank you so much
my loyal friend.

Short Poems About Friendship Verse Poems For Friends Best Friend Poem To Write In A Card

My Friend

I love the way that we can talk
there’s nothing we can’t share ..
I love how I can be myself
anytime you’ re there.

I love the way you always listen
you take the time to care ..
The comfort of a friend like you
and to know you’re always there.

A Friend Like You

A friend like you, is
a priceless treasure ..
Your worth, to me
I could not measure.

You’re sweet and kind
faithful and true ..
I thank the lord
when I met you.

I Count You As My Friend

I count, my friends
on just one hand
I have but, just a few ..
My good friends
in all the land, and
one of them is YOU.

Short Poems About Friendship

So Glad We Met My Friend

I wasn’t looking for another friend
on the day we met ..
All my, so called friends before you
I needed to forget.

You came into my life
right out of the blue ..
I can tell you now, I don’t regret
the day that I met YOU!

In All Our Living Years

If I ever need someone
you are always here ..
You comfort me, with kindness
and calm all things I fear.

With you my Friend, I know
you’ll always catch my tears ..
Just as I will catch yours
In all our living years.

Happy Birthday My Friend

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