Friendship Poems P6

Poems About Friendship P6

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You Are My Friend
I have a list of all my friends,
written in a book,
And every now and then,
I love to take a look.
That’s when I remember,
these names are all a part.
not of the paper, written on,
but taken from my heart.
Each name stands for a person,
who are special friends to me.
Who’ve become a part of my life,
etched in my memory.
Although you don’t realize,
nor does it really show,
meeting you, defined who I am,
much more than you know.
So whether I have known you.
for years or only days.
you’ve played a part in my life
in so many different ways.
Just want you to know of the
many friends I’ve met.
you are a friend that
I’ll never forget.


You’re That Friend To Me
Friends are miles, laughs and tears
Friends are minutes, days and years.
Friends relieve our, pain and fear,
Friends are comfort always near.
Friends don’t ever go away
Friends don’t lie or betray.
Friends are loyal, kind at heart,
Friends walk in, when others part.


True Friendship I Have In You
When you find a friend like you,
a special one that’s, rare and true.
A friend is someone who is nice,
Full of love, and good advice.
Time passes by, a close bond grows,
Our memories tie, through what we know.
For all our lives, and all of time.
I am your friend and you are mine.


A friend is someone we turn to,
when we are in a rift
A friend is one you go to
when your spirit need a lift,
A friend is someone who walks in,
when all the rest depart,
and that is why you’re the only friend,
I carry in my heart.

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