Friendship Poems P2

Poems About Friendship P2

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My Lifelong Treasured Friend

I’m so glad I found you
my special treasured friend ..
Our friendship, is a gift we share
to take us to the end.

To be myself around you
is what I love the best ..
It’s the icing on the cake
amidst, all the rest.

I miss you when you’re not in sight
our bond is meant to be ..
I think you are my guiding light
and, almost a part of me.

We help each other, heal and grow
through fun filled play and tears ..
More than you can ever know
throughout our friendship years.

The Harmony of friendship
us two, a perfect blend ..
I’ll cherish you my whole life through
my dearest, treasured friend.


My Friend My Everything

You’re the arm on my back
you’re the water in my cup ..
When everything is dry
when I start to cry.

You are the answer
when I start asking why ..
You’re the wings on my back
teaching me to fly.


Friend You Make Life Worth It

Whenever my life feels empty
those times, when I feel blue ..
I thank god for sending me
a faithful friend like you.

When I wonder of life’s meaning
when nothing at all, making sense ..
With a word or a smile I get from you
I forget, what made me so tense.

What I’m trying to say, my friend
Is with all your support and giving ..
You brighten each minute, of everyday
and make every moment, worth living.


A Friend So Caring

For good and bad happy or sad
I know you are always there ..
I’m ever so glad ’cause
I’ve never had, a friend
that always cares.


No One Like You My Friend

Other people may
fill in my day ..
But never in such
an important way.

We support each other
in all life sends ..
It feels so great
that we are friends.


My Priceless Friend

It is such a pleasure
to have a friend like you ..
You’re always very caring
in all you say and do.

You make me smile
when I’m feeling down ..
joy in your company
I have finally found.

We talk about everything
just like we should ..
Sifting through problems
’til it’s understood.

My friend you’re amazing
your worth, I can’t measure ..
I truly adore you
my priceless treasure.


A Friend That’s Always There

We share so much of our lives
our joy, sorrows and pain ..
Without you, as my friend
I’d surely go insane!

You know what I am saying
times dealt, have been tough ..
You comfort and encourage me
when the going gets rough.

I’d be lost without you
my near and dearest friend ..
What we have together
we’ll have, ’til the end.

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