Friendship Poems P3

Poems About Friendship P3

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Miracle Of Friendship

There’s a miracle called friendship
that dwells within the heart ..
And you don’t know how it happened
or when it get its start.

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift ..
And you realize that friendship
is God’s most precious gift.


The Greatest Friend

You help to mend my aching heart
whenever I felt alone ..
You lift my spirits up so high
to a place I’ve never known.

You’re such a pleasure in my life
I hope that you can see ..
How meaningful your friendship is
a total joy to me.


Thank You My Dear Friend

Thank you friend
for all you do ..
You mean so much
to me it’s true.

You understand
and are so nice ..
You give so much
and great advice.

Thanks for listening
with your heart ..
For cheering me up
when I fall apart.

For bringing out
the best I can be ..
And just for being
friends with me.


For You My Friend

For silly things we’ve laughed at
and funny things we do ..
For all the things I can’t explain
and the crazy fun with you.

For looking past, all my defects
For all the time you spend ..
For all kind, things you do
Thank you, for you my friend.


When A Friend Is True

Someone to lean when things go wrong
someone on whom you’d depend ..
Someone who knows and sings your song
that someone is truly a friend.

That’s how I feel about you my friend
you’re special and you should hear ..
Your comforting words and kind caring heart
I love knowing you are near.


What You Have Given Me

My life is enriched
in so many ways ..
Like a cool summer breeze
in the heat of the days.

Like a ray of sunshine
that peeks through a cloud ..
The joy of friendship
is heard so loud.

You lift me up
when I start to fall ..
And break on through
when I build up a wall.

I learn so much
from you each day ..
You help me see
old things, new ways.

I often wonder
if you know ..
That all the good seeds
have begun to grow.

You taught me all
the good I know ..
The best of me
is starting to show.

The people I meet
will no doubt be ..
Touched by the good
you’ve given to me.


My Warm Kind Friend

You relax my mind
refresh my day ..
Renew my thoughts
with what you say.

Your heart always open
your warm embrace ..
You make a smile break
all over my face.

I am blessed to be
friends with you ..
You bring me joy
in all you do.


My Perfect Friend

My perfect friend
loves me for me ..
My perfect friend
can always see.

My perfect friend
is mine for keeps ..
My perfect friend
loves me heaps.

My perfect friend
knows If I cry ..
My perfect friend
would never lie.

My perfect friend
would not deceive ..
My perfect friend
would never leave.

My perfect friend
knows just who ..
My perfect friend is
of course is you.


The Way A Friend Should Be

The way of a friend
you have shown ..
A seed once planted
a friendship grown.

A doorway to light
a passage of hope ..
A piece of forever
and with this I cope.

You are the friend
I will always hold dear ..
A friend, like you
that won’t disappear.

The one who walks in
when the rest walk out ..
My one true friend
that I can’t live without.

A friend, you are
and will always be ..
The one that I know
who likes me for me.

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