Sad Love Poems

Sad Love Poems P1

sad love poems - heartbreak

You tell me that, I’m your one and only
and how, I’m all your heart desires ..
How can I believe you when
I know that you’re a liar?
You only want what you can’t have
what you want, you already lost ..
You don’t deserve the love I gave
And now you’ll pay the cost.
Thinking I was in the dark
your truth, you thought, not known ..
Finally I see through your lies
and now your covers blown.
You cheated, you lied
The deceit that you have shown
You broke my heart in two
and now, you’re on your own.
Don’t tell me that you’re sorry
for you, just met your fate ..
Betrayal has no place here
for you, it’s now too late.
I will never do that again
I’ve heard it all before ..
You don’t get another chance with me
’cause I won’t take it no more.
You’re just like all the rest
But I chose not to believe ..
Just far to good to be True
but now I’ve been deceived.
You’re not the one
You betrayed me ..
I take back my heart
and set you Free.
I gave you my heart and you broke it
Should of known, that’s what you’d do ..
Never again, will I give
My love, or heart to you.
You cannot be trusted
You’re not the one ..
The one for me, would not
do what you have done.
Look at what you have done
and all the things you do ..
You pledge undying love for me
and this could not be true.
I shouldn’t of taken you on your word
I should of watched where you were going ..
I should of listened, to my heart
and saw signs that you were showing.
I Just didn’t think I had to look
what was written in your eyes ..
’Cause I chose to have faith in you
but you betrayed me with your lies.
I need something to ease my pain
for heartache and despair ..
Why would you put me, through such grief
When I was always their.
How come I didn’t see the signs
How come I didn’t know ..
How come you did betrayed me
How come it didn’t show.
How come I didn’t see it
How come I didn’t catch you ..
Why would you deceive me
How come I never Knew.
Now I see reality
I see what you do ..
Everything you are
Is why I’m done with you.
I live no more to be with you
I’ve just left your game ..
Never again, will I run to you
when you call out my name.
I can’t go on without you
it’s misery and sorrow ..
I don’t want to have to be
without you, tomorrow.
Happiness, has left me ’cause
you tipped it down the drain ..
A rivers of tears, I’ve cried for you
can’t wash away this pain.
I ‘m so afraid to love you
Memories, haunt me from the past ..
Every time I fall in love
it seems to NEVER last.
You hurt me more than I deserve
how could you be so cruel? ..
I love you way more than you deserve
why, am I such a fool?
A million words won’t
Bring you back
I know because I tried ..
Neither would a million tears
I know because I cried.
I hate this feeling
it’s one I know, to well ..
It’s that thing called heartbreak
and it hurts my heart like hell.

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