In Loving Memory Brother


Death Of Brother Grief Poems



You went away so suddenly
we did not say goodbye –
But brothers can’t be parted
precious memories never die.

You gave me a brother
you taught me to dream –
You gave me a brother
you made us a team.

You gave me a brother
you taught me to smile –
You gave me a brother
for such a short while.

You gave me a brother
you taught me to treasure –
You gave me a brother
whose love I couldn’t measure.

You gave me a brother
you taught friendship to grow –
You gave me a brother
whose fate I couldn’t know.

You gave me a brother
you taught me to love –
You gave me a brother
who is now up above.

You gave me a brother
you gave me hope –
He took my brother now
please, teach me to cope.


You played a big
part of my life, but
now that you are gone –
The love that I
still have for you
will just go on and on.

His life earnest
his actions kind –
A willing hand
an active mind.

Anxious to please
loath to offend –
A loving Brother
and faithful friend.

My dearest darling Brother
how can I find the words to say –
To tell of how I miss you
throughout every single day.

I’ll miss our little chats
The way you listened to me moan –
And how you’d always cheer me up
Whenever you would phone.

Living life without you
is so, very hard to bear –
And I’d give all I have
to waken you, and see
you standing there.

O Lord
hear my prayer –
Keep my Brother
in your care.

For there comes a time
for all of us when
we must say goodbye –
But memories of those
we really loved
live on and never die.

I miss you Brother
more than anyone knows –
as time goes by
the emptiness grows.

I laugh, I talk
I play my part –
But behind my smile
is a broken heart.

Love you always

Thinking Of You Brother

Although I’m sad without you
and wish that you were here –
Within my heart your lovely smile
still shines bright and clear.

I treasure all those moments
of growing up with you –
The secrets we would always share
the childish things we’d do.

And as the years passed
quickly by, we grew closer still –
I miss you, dearest Brother
and you know I always will.

Dear Brother In Heaven

Your birthday brings back memories
that are still, painful to bear –
You were such a wonderful Brother
I dearly miss you not, being here.

I treasure memories, of you dearly
you were a special Brother to me –
I will always miss you
for all eternity.

You may have been taken out of sight
but, never out of my heart –
You’ll live forever in my memories
from where you could never depart.

Brother Missing You

I’m missing you a little more
each time I hear your name –
I have cried so many tears, yet
my hearts broke just the same.

I miss our lives together and
things in common, shared –
But nothing fills the emptiness
now, you’re no longer hear.

I have many precious memories
to last my whole life through –
Each one of these memories
of how much I’m missing you.

Dearest Brother

A beautiful memory
dearer than gold –
Of a brother whose worth
can never be told.

There’s a place in my heart
no one could fill –
I miss you dear brother
and always will.

To hear your voice
to see you smile –
To sit and talk
to you awhile.

To be together
in the same old way –
Would be my dearest
wish today.

Dear Brother In Heaven

I sit and ponder, how very much
I’d like to talk with you today –
There are so many things
that we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you care for me
and how much I care for you –
And each time that I think of you
I know you’ll miss me too.


Your place was ready
in the Heavens above –
You had to  leave behind
all those you dearly loved.

You had so much to live for
you had so much to do –
It still seems impossible
that God was taking you.

And though your life
on earth is past
in Heaven, it starts anew –
You’ll live for all eternity
just as God has promised you.

And though you’ve walked
through Heaven’s gate
we are never far apart –
For every time I think of you
you’re right here
with-in my heart.

Yesterday I felt okay
I smiled, when I thought of you –
I remembered happy times
and the funny things you’d do.

But today, I feel so very sad
I think of you and cry –
I’m missing you so very much
and still asking God, why?

I don’t know what will happen
when I face another day –
What will tomorrow bring?
will I cry or be okay.

This roller-coaster of emotions
is the worst ride of my life –
Nothing can prepare you
for the never ending strife.

I may not handle my emotions
the way, that I should do –
But I still thank the Lord
for the time I had with you.

How well do I remember
all the special times we had –
As we were raised side
sharing good times and bad.

Sometimes we would disagree
but always made up in the end –
But as we grew to be adults
we became the best of friends.

Then you heard the voice of Jesus
gently, calling from on high –
He held out His loving arms
but I couldn’t say goodbye.

So I said, see you later
dear brother, wait for me –
In the beauty of God’s Heaven
where the best is yet to be.

Dear Brother

I miss your friendly guidance
your teasing, at every chance
your pampering and scolding too –
My dearly loved Brother
I miss EVERYTHING, about YOU!

Our pathway changes
as life goes along –
but the bond between us
remains forever strong.

I miss you Brother

Of all the many blessings
however great or small –
To have had you for a Brother
was the greatest one of all.

The family chain is broken now
and nothing seems the same –
But as God takes us one by one
the chain will link again.

It broke my heart to lose you, Bro
but to stay just brought you pain –
Love alone could not save you
but I know we’ll meet again.

Goodbye to you dear Brother
you deserve eternal rest –
You cared so much for everyone
and always did your best.


Jesus took you for a sunbeam
to shine on Him each day –
In every way, you’ll please Him
and brighten up His day.

An Angel took our flower away
it needed so much care –
But some day God will tell us
why to us it seems unfair.

For Your Birthday In Heaven

Your Birthday’s here, Brother
but you aren’t –
I’d send a gift
but know I can’t.

So I’ll make a wish
upon a star –
to carry my love
to where you are.

By Toni Kane

My Brother you
will never know –
How much I truly
loved you so.

Having you
so very close –
Is what I always
miss the most.

No words describe
or could say –
The sorrow
I feel everyday.

Each day you are
on my mind –
Brother you were
one of a kind.

In my heart you will live
and will always be –
No one could, or ever would
mean so much to me.

My Brother, Wait For Me
I took your picture from the wall
just so I can see –
How beautiful my Brother is
and hold him close to me.

To soon, so young, to have to die
why did he have to go –
So much to give, so full of life
I guess I’ll never know.

I know, I can’t have you back
but, my Brother can you wait –
For me, when my earth time ends
by the stairs, at Heaven’s Gate.

By – Toni Kane