In Loving Memory Friend

In Loving Memory Friend

Friendship In Loving Memory Grief and Friend Grief Poems and Verses for Friends.

In Loving Memory Friend Grief Poems

His life earnest
his actions kind –
A willing hand
an active mind.

Anxious to please
loath to offend –
A loving person
and faithful friend.

Thank you for, loving and sharing
for giving and for always caring –
God bless and keep you
’til we meet again.

One thing we’ll always cherish
no matter what life sends –
Is the memories and the happiness
we had, by being friends.

We can’t have old days back
when we were all together –
But secret tears and loving thoughts
will be with us forever.

In our hearts your memory lingers
sweetly tender, fond and true –
There is not a day, dear friend
that we do not think of you.

Treasured thoughts of one so dear
often bring a silent tear.
Thoughts of scenes long past
years roll on but memories last.

It’s just a little
but means a lot –
To say dear friend
I haven’t forgot.

Forever In My Heart

Gone, yet not forgotten
although we are apart –
Your spirit lives within me
forever in my heart.

Poem Of Life

Life is but a stopping place
a pause in what’s to be –
A resting place along the road
to sweet eternity.

Our destination is a place
far greater than we know –
For some the journey’s quicker
for some the journey’s slow.

And when the journey finally ends
we’ll claim a great reward –
And find an everlasting peace
together with the lord.

– Mary Elizabeth Frye

It broke my heart to lose you
but you didn’t go alone –
For part of me went with you
the day God called you home.

I’m with you when times are good
to share a laugh or two –
And if a tear should start to fall
I’ll still be there for you.


Time cannot steal the treasures
that we carry in our hearts –
Nor ever dim the shining thoughts
our cherished past imparts.

For the memories of the ones
we loved still cast a gentle glow –
To grace our days and light
our paths, wherever we may go.

– Author Unknown

One thing we’ll always cherish
no matter what life sends –
A memory of the happiness
of us just being friends.

The world may never notice
if a Snowdrop doesn’t bloom –
Or even pause to wonder
if the petals fall too soon.

But every life, that ever forms
or ever comes to be –
Touches the world in some small way
for all eternity.

– Author Unknown

One by one, they go before us
they are fading like the dew –
I know they are waiting for us
all the old gang and you.

We know the pain that drowns your soul
what you were forced to face –
You have our word; we’ll fill your arms
some day we will embrace.

Always a smile, instead of a frown
Always a hand, when one is down –
Always true, thoughtful and kind
Wonderful memories she left behind.

We miss her love
and cheery ways –
With her, we spent
our happiest days.

In memory, we see her
just the same –
As long as we live
we cherish her name.

If we could only speak to her
And hold her loving hand –
No matter what we said or did
I know she’d understand.

Sadly missed along life’s way
quietly remembered every day.
No longer in our life to share
but in our hearts you’re always there.

Memory is a lovely lane
where friends are ever true –
A lane I so often travel down
because it leads to you.

Your presence I miss
your memory I treasure –
Loving you always
forgetting you never.

I sit and wonder
every day –
Why the Lord chose
you, to call away.

I think He saw
you needed rest –
As He only takes
the very best.

Everyday in some small way
memories of you, come our way.
Though absent, you are always near
still missed, loved, always dear.

A sadness still comes over us
tears in silence often flow –
Memory keeps you ever near us
though you died one year ago.

Resting where no shadows fall
In peaceful sleep he awaits us all.
God will link the broken chain
When one by one, we meet again.

I heard an angel cry, when I died
The stillness in the room –
Was like the stillness in the air
Between heaven and earth.

We who love you, sadly miss you
as it dawns another year –
In our lonely hours of thinking
thoughts of you are ever near.

Loving you is easy
We do it every day –
Missing you is a heartache
That never goes away.

His charming ways and smiling face
are a pleasure to recall –
He had a kindly word for each
and died beloved by all.

Loving memories
of one so dear –
Treasured still
with a love sincere.

In our hearts
she is living yet –
We loved her too dearly
to ever forget.

A part of my heart he took with him
but his love he left me to keep –
So we will never really be parted
the bond between us is too deep.

It’s just a little
but means a lot –
To say dear friend
I haven’t forgot.

No farewell words were spoken
no time to say goodbye –
You were gone before we knew it
and only God can tell us why.

It only takes a little space
to write how much we miss you.
But it will take the rest of our lives
to forget the way we lost you.

It broke my heart to lose you
but you didn’t go alone –
For part of me went with you
the day God called you home.

Oh how we wish she was here today
to see all the blessings we have –
Yet somehow you know that she is
guiding us, on our paths.

Those we love don’t go away
they walk beside us every day –
Unseen, unheard, but always near
still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Peacefully sleeping
resting at last –
His weary trials
and troubles past.

In silence he suffered
in patience he bore –
Till God called him home
to suffer no more.

Although we smile
and make no fuss –
No one misses him
more than us.

And when old times
we oft recall –
That’s when we miss
him most of all.

Keep her Jesus, in Thy keeping
until I reach that golden shore –
Then dear Savior let me have her
and love her as I did before.

Every tear is a prism
through which I see –
A rainbow of emotions
and sweet memories.

Though fate has led you
to another place –
True moments hold meaning
time can never erase.

Thinking of the thoughtful things
that you have said and done –
And loving you a little more
dear friend, for every one.

He walks with us down quiet paths
and speaks in wind and rain –
For the magic power of memory
gives him back to us again.

The years may wipe out many things
but this they’ll wipe out never –
The memory of those happy days
which we have spent together.

_____ years ago you were called home
Our thoughts are ever of you –
You are dearly loved and sadly missed
God willing, we will meet again.

Dear friend you’re not forgotten
though on earth you are no more –
Still in memory, you are with us
as you always were before.

To me, her / his name
will ever be –
The key that
unlocks memory.
Of a dear one gone
but cherished yet –
A beloved face
I’ll never forget.

Although you can’t be here with me
we’re truly not apart –
Until the final breath I take
you’ll be living in my heart.

My heart still aches in sadness
my silent tears still flow –
For what it meant to lose you
no one will ever know.

Treasured thoughts
of one so dear –
Often bring
a silent tear.

Thoughts of scenes
so long past –
Years roll on
but memories last.

One thing we’ll always cherish
no matter what life sends –
A memory of the happiness
just being friends.

If we could have one lifetime wish
one dream that could come true –
We’d ask with all our hearts
for yesterday and you.

Sweet memories will linger forever
time cannot change them it’s true –
Years that may come cannot sever
our loving remembrance of you.

Wonderful memories
woven in gold –
This is a picture
I tenderly hold.

Deep in my heart
a memory is kept –
To love, to cherish
and never forget.

Softly the leaves
of memory fall –
Gently we gather and
treasure them all.

Some may forget
now that you are gone –
And some we’ll remember
no matter how long.

Loving memories we will never forget
sadly missed, along life’s way –
With silent thought and deep regret
we think of you, every day.

No longer in our
life to share –
But in our hearts
he’s always there.

Sunshine passes
shadows fall –
Love’s remembrance
outlasts all.

Your touch, your smile
was always so tender –
Today, tomorrow
we will always remember.

So much has changed
since you’ve been gone –
Through ups and downs
our lives move on.

But as time rolls by
one thing remains true –
We’ll always have
our memories of you.

I did not see you close your eyes
or hear your last faint sigh –
I only heard that you were gone
too late to say goodbye.

A silent thought
a secret tear –
Keeps his memory
ever dear.

Time eases
the edge of grief –
Memory turns
back every leaf.

Just a thought of sweet remembrance
just a memory, sad and true –
Just the love and sweet devotion
of the one who thinks of you.

Heavy are our hearts today
memory brings you back once more –
To the time you were with us
to the happy days of yore.

No space of time, no lapse of years
can dim the treasured past –
A loving memory keeps it dear
affection holds it fast.

Gone from us, but leaving memories
death can never take away –
Memories that will always linger
while upon this earth we stay.

Gone are the days
we used to share –
But in our hearts
you are always there.

The gates of memory
will never close –
We miss you more
than anyone knows.

With tender love
and deep regret –
We who love you
will never forget.

Only a memory of bygone days
And a sigh for a face unseen –
A constant feeling that God alone
Knows what should have been.

From our happy home and circle
God has taken one we love –
Borne away from sin and sorrow
to a better land above.

Within our store of memories
He holds a place apart –
For no one else can ever be
more cherished in our hearts.

We miss you
in so many ways –
We miss things
you used to say.

And when old times
we do recall –
It’s then we miss you
most of all.

One by one they go before us
they are fading like the dew –
I know they are waiting for us
all the old gang and you.

If tear drops could build a stairway
and memory a lane –
We’d walk the long road to reach
and bring him home again.

Loved with a love
beyond all telling –
Missed with a grief
beyond all tears –
To the world, he was just one
to us, he was the world.

God knows how much I miss you
never shall your memory fade –
Loving thoughts shall ever wander
To the spot where you are laid.

Though absent you
are ever near –
Still missed and loved
and always dear.

An understanding heart
an intelligent mind –
I truly miss you my dear friend
you were one of a kind.

Your smile has gone forever
and your hand I cannot touch –
I have so many memories
of you, friend, I loved so much.

His portrait in its silver frame
the ravages of time may dim –
In our hearts he’s still the same
we hold bright memories of him.

It’s hard to believe
you are no longer here –
I think of you
you feel so near.

In some small way
every single day –
Memories of you
come our way.

Nothing can ever take away
the love a heart holds dear –
Fond memories linger every day
remembrance keeps him near.

Years fly by, like autumn leaves
But heartache and tears remain.

All I have left, is precious memories
Of both of you – For today
for tomorrow, until my life is through.

Tenderly I treasure the past
Memories that will always last.
When I cease, to think of you
Will be, when God has called me too.

As angels keep their watch up there
please, God, let him know –
That I down here, do not forget
I loved him and miss him so.

I mention your name
and speak of you often –
God bless you dear friend
you are not forgotten.

Always willing to help others
when herself should be at rest –
She was the kindest of all friends
now amongst the Heavenly blest.

No hand so soft and gentle
no heart so tender, true –
No sorrow life could bring us
to equal losing you.

Till roses lose their petals
Till the heather, has lost its dew –
Till the end of time, dear friend
I will remember you.

Because in her life she was saintly
because in her heart she was pure –
Her reward we are sure must be Heaven
and our grief we must try to endure.

They say memories are golden
well, maybe that is true –
But we never wanted memories
we only wanted you.

A page in the book of memory
silently turned today.

We remember you in silence
and make no outward show –
And what it meant to lose you
no one will ever know.

You’re not forgotten, special friend
Nor ever will you be –
As long as life and memory lasts
I will remember thee.

You were a loving husband
a pal so good and true –
A better husband never lived
your equals are but few.

Looking back with memories
Upon the path you trod –
We bless the hours we had with you
And leave the rest with God.

Life seemed so mean too much before
It’s not important anymore.
The strength to face the daily tasks
Till I am with you is all I ask.

Our thoughts are ever with you
though you have passed away –
And those who loved you dearly
are thinking of you today.

It’s lonely here without you
we miss you more each day –
For life is not the same to us
since you were called away.

Silently we grieve
and brush away our tears –
The memories he left behind
will last throughout the years.

Some day we hope to meet again
someday, we now not when –
To clasp his hand in a better land
never to part again.

I cannot halt the hand of time
or live again the past –
Within my heart are memories
that will forever last.

As time unfolds another year
Memories keep you ever near.
Silent thoughts of time together
Hold memories that will last forever.

His weary hours and days of pain
his troubled nights are past –
In our aching hearts we know
he has found sweet rest at last.

Those we love we never lose
For always they will be –
Loved, remembered, treasured
Always in our memory.

This day is remembered
and quietly kept –
No words are needed
we shall never forget.

For those we love
don’t go away –
They walk beside us
every day.

Unseen and unheard
but always near –
So loved, so missed
and so very dear.

A few more steps along life’s road
perhaps a few more years –
Then by God’s grace we’ll meet again
beyond the vale of tears.

Sad was the parting
no one can tell –
So sudden on earth
the sorrow fell.

The blow was hard
the shock severe –
To part with one
I loved so dear.

Dearer still
as years depart –
Her memory lives on
within my heart.

Gone is the face we loved so dear
Silent is the face we loved to hear.

Too far away for sight or speech
But not too far for thought to reach.

Sweet to remember him once here
Who, though absent, is just as dear.

Wonderful memories of one so dear
Treasured still with a love sincere.

In our hearts she is living yet
We loved her too dearly to forget.

I have lost my soul’s companion
A life linked with my own –
And day by day I miss her more
As I walk through life alone.

When ties of love are broken
And loved ones have to part –
It leaves a wound that never heals
In ever-aching heart.

In all the world
we shall not find –
A heart so wonderful
sweet and kind.

So soft a voice
so sweet a smile –
and worthwhile.

A sympathy so sure
so true, so deep
A love so beautiful
always to keep.

As I journey toward life’s sunset
Mourning her who went before –
Faith assures me, I’ll be with her
When I reach the other shore.

Deep in the heart lies a picture
Of a loved one laid to rest –
Memory’s frame we keep it
Because she was one of the best.

We long for household voices gone
For vanished smiles we long –
God has taken our loved one on
And He can do no wrong.

God knows how much I miss her
Never shall her memory fade –
Loving thoughts shall ever wander
To the spot where she is laid.

Months have grown day by day
It’s now a year since she went away.

Thoughts are full and hearts do weigh
Without her here to share the way.

Time may dull the hand of fate
Memory forever recalls the date.

Another sweet flower has withered
A gem from the casket set free –
A lamb in the fold of the Shepherd
Who said; Let them come unto Me.

The memory of his
dear wee ways –
Will linger with us
all our days.

Sweetest flower
too sweet to stay –
God took him home
to show the way.

We miss her love
and cheery ways –
With her we spent
our happiest days.

In memory we see her
just the same –
As long as we live
we’ll cherish her name.

Beyond the far horizon
When we’ll finally be together –
Where love will be eternal
and life will last forever.



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