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Are you looking for romantic poem, true love poems or something short and simple to say I love you, if so you have come to the right place. I have a great collection of I love you poems and general love poetry. A romantic verse may seem like a simple task, but believe me it isn’t that simple. I can only hope you enjoy my collection and find a love poem, of use to you.

I Love You | Short Romantic Poems Verses

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My Soul Mate
You’re the smile in my heart
my destiny, my fate ..
The joy in my heart
you are my soul mate.
The World To Me
If I died or traveled far
I’d write your name on every star ..
So all could look up and see
and know you mean the world to me.
You And Me
There’s a million stars
and a million dreams
but you’re the only star I see ..
And the only dream I’ll ever dream
is the one of you and me.
Fall My Way
You can fall from a star
You can fall from a tree ..
but the best way to fall
is IN LOVE with ME.
The Chain Of Our Hearts
Our love is like a chain of gold
that links our hearts together ..
If the chain should ever break
my heart, will break forever.
I Would Die Without You
One day the moon said to me
If your lover makes you cry ..
Why don’t you leave your lover?
I couldn’t and I’ll tell you why.
I said to the moon, I’m just like you
how you couldn’t leave your sky ..
and my lover, is the reason I’m here
without him, I would die.
I’ll Be Your Everything
If your alone, I’ll be your shadow
If you cry, I’ll wipe your tears ..
I’ll be all you’ll ever need
in all our living years.
What I Would Give
If kisses were raindrops
I’d send you showers ..
If hugs were a second
I’d send you hours.
If happiness was a forest
I’d send all the trees ..
If love was one person
I’d send you me.
The Best
Your gorgeous, sexy
caring and fun ..
The best qualities
all rolled into one.
In My Eyes
In my eyes, I see no other
there is no one else but you ..
You are all I’ll ever need
my love for you is true.
You Are The Reason
I want to give you everything
make all your dreams come true ..
My heart, my soul, my love, my life
is what I’d give for you.
Thank You For Loving Me
You see past my imperfections
with you I can believe ..
That all I thought impossible
is now, what I achieve.
Your Love I Treasure
More precious than gold
your worth, can’t be measured ..
Of all the things, I’ve ever had
you are to be treasured.
I Love You
You are like the air I breathe
without it I would perish ..
Anything, for you my love
for you are all I cherish.
My Protector
My Knight in Shining Armour
on you I can depend ..
In your arms forever
right till the very end.
Your Perfect
There is no other, in the world
that could ever compare ..
You are perfect, in every way
as is, this love we share.
You Are Everything To Me
You’re the sun in my day
the kick in my start ..
The waves in my ocean
the beat of my heart.
In You I’ve Found My Way
Heaven’s smiling down on me
as I look at you today ..
Just can’t believe you’re in my life
in you, I’ve found my way.
Light Of My Life
Sweet sugary lips, shiny, soft hair
and eyes that melt my heart ..
The prettiest smile, you’re the
light in my life .. from you
I will never part.
Words I Cannot Find
A love letter to you
I cannot find the perfect lines ..
try as I may, nothing ever rhymes.
I can’t describe these feelings
and words are not my stuff .. But
.. You’re the best I’ve ever had
I hope this is enough.
Keep Loving Me
I’ll give you all I have
It’s all I want to do ..
Just keep on loving me the same
the same way, I’m loving you.
Only You Can Save Me
Save me from myself
and the lonely life I live ..
I will always love you madly
with all I have to give!
You Are Meant For Me
Once in a lifetime
someone you meet
takes your breath away ..
You don’t know why or how
just that, they are here to stay.
Back In My Arms
I’m so sad without you
from that day, that we parted ..
I need you back, in my arms
for I am truly broken-hearted.
I Do Love You
What you want to know
Is what I’d like to say ..
What you need to hear is
“I love you, everyday”.
Trusting You
I want to trust your words of love
and promises, that you make?
To safely hold my heart, forever
and NEVER, have it BREAK.

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