Memorial Poems For Grandfather – A Grandfather Like You

A Grandfather Like You

Throughout the years you’ve always been
A wonderful man to me
When I was small you took the time to
Bounce me on your knee.

As I grew older, you were there
I only had to call
I knew that I could count on you
You’d never let me fall.

So many hard times in my life
You’ve helped to get me through
I’m so glad God gave me
A Grandfather as special as you.

Grandpa Poems | Grandpa’s Heart

Grandpa’s Heart
(Grandpa Poems)

News of you has
taught me more ..
I know now what
a long life’s for.

I’ve found through you
my magic heart ..
The kinder, gentler
patient part.

While I waited those
months for you ..
I reflected on
the things we’d do.

I would be your
special friend ..
Have secrets to share
and pennies to spend.

I would tell you
of the past ..
Leave you memories
that would always last.

I would grant
your every wish ..
Like bigger scoops
in your ice cream dish.

I would be
your biggest fan ..
The one cheering loudest
from the stands.

I’d play games
of make believe ..
Pull magic tricks
from up my sleeve.

I’d take lots
of photographs ..
And be generous
with smiles and laughs.

The first time you
were in my arms ..
I felt the miracle
of your charms.

I placed your newborn
hand in mine ..
And understood
the gift of time.

Tender feelings
are hard to express ..
Grandchild, it is me
you’ve blessed.

Your life gives me
another chance ..
A youthful heart
and eyes that dance.

News of you
has taught me more ..
I know now what
a long life is for.

I give to you
the magic part ..
Of your Grandpa’s
loving heart.

By – Teri Harrison

Grandparent Poems | Grandparents Day Poem

Grandparents Day Poem
(Grandparent Poems)

A grandparent is the grandest mom or dad
Not just because of all the kids they’ve had.
They’ve seen and done and known so many things
We honor them like preachers, priests and kings.

They tell us of a way of life that’s past
When the world wasn’t moving quite so fast.
When the family sat together every day
To eat, to laugh, to sing, to talk, to pray.

The road we walk now they have seen before
The tears we shed, they shed a whole lot more.
They understand our feelings, joy or pain
They know the path; they’ve walked the dusty lane.

What can we do to honor these dear Grands?
We have no gift to place in weathered hands
To adequately show how much we care.
Or prove to them how great the love we share.

Yet there is something awesome we can do
To show beyond a doubt our love is true.
If what they’ve taught is seen in how we live
This is the best gift we could ever give.

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Grandfather Poems | Grandpa

(Grandfather Poems)

To my wonderful grandfather
Who has given me so much.
You’ve guided my life
With your kind loving touch.

I can’t begin to tell you
What it means to me
to have a grandfather like you
the best there could be.

The guidance you give me
Always gets me through
Grandpa I want to say
that I love you.