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Son Poems I thought I had it figured out when you came along

A sons relationship to his parents, can be confusing and complicated. Son’s more often than not will have a very close bond with their mothers, yet see his father as a rival, or an opposing force. Having a son can be one of the greatest joys parents will ever experience, but can also pose one of the greatest challenges. Here you will find a great collection of Son Poems for every occasion.

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My Son, The Baby Of The Family

I thought I had it figured out
when you came along ..
But being a mom one more time
was proof that I was wrong.

I thought I had seen it all
and that everything was done ..
How could I imagine the joy
in having another Son.

Not my first child, I thought
there would be nothing new ..
You came along, proved me wrong
how unique were you.

The other kids would be having fun
You would cry, so you could play ..
But soon you grew big enough
that you got to get your way.

Each milestone you reached
was eagerly anticipated ..
With joy and ease you completed
and were never complicated.

Now you’re all but grown
no longer you need wait ..
but you’re still my baby Son
so don’t stay out to late.

My youngest Son, my baby boy
All but grown, now stands before ..
I love you son, with all my heart.
and will forever more.


I Would Take The Time

My hands busy, all through the day
I didn’t make the time to play ..
All the games you asked me to
I didn’t give that time to you.

I’d wash your clothes, I’d clean and cook
You’d come and ask to read a book ..
You wanted me to share your fun
I’d turn and say, later My Son.

I’d tuck you in your bed at night
I’d kiss you, then turn out the light ..
Then I’d walk towards the door
turn back and look a minute more.

Life is short, the years rushed past
my little boy grew up so fast ..
No longer are you at my side
those precious secrets now you hide.

All story books are packed away
No longer do you want to play ..
No good-night kisses, no words to say
That all belongs to yesterday.

My hands, once busy, now can’t find.
things to do, to fill my mind ..
If I could go back, and start again
I’d do all the things you wanted then.

Never forget
for one single minute .. that
you grew not under my Heart


Growing Up

Time has gone so swiftly
years went rushing past ..
My Son you have matured
and grown up so very fast.

Let me take time out to to say
just how much you mean ..
I’m thankful for every moment
and each day that we have seen.

Lets always make a special time
and always keep in touch ..
My Son you are the very best
and I love you so much.


Time Together

Time together is special
too fast for me it seems ..
My Son I want you to tell me
all your thoughts and dreams.

Tell me all that you hope for
tell me all your plans ..
Let me be the help you need
to grow into a man.

Tell me all your worries
all your anticipations ..
I am always here for you
for any situation.

I will always be here
as I have been from the start ..
And Son I want to tell you
I love you, with all my heart.


A Son, A Gift From The Heavens

Son you are a gift from heaven
you’re ours, but not by birth ..
But I couldn’t love you any more
than any Son on earth.

You are a chosen child
called upon from up above ..
Chosen for our family
With your laughter and your love.

My Son you are a chosen child
picked out from all the rest ..
They knew exactly who was needed
and I know they chose the best.

You are loved so very much
in every possible way ..
I thank the lord for you, my Son
each and every day.

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