Tiny Angel Child Memorial Poems

Tiny Angel

(Baby Boy Poem)

For a brief and fleeting moment
an Angel touched the ground –
With tiny wings and halo
and sweet, soft Angel sounds.

Blessing the lives of others
in beauty and in grace –
Those who saw the Angel knew
God had kissed his tiny face.

The Angel came for reasons
we may not understand –
A journey brief, with gifts so great
and guided by God’s hand.

So, rest now tiny Angel
your work on earth is through –
In the beauty of God’s perfect love
we saw His gift in you.

For A Brief And Fleeting Moment An Angel Touched The Ground Baby Boy Loss Poem

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Angel Baby Girl Funeral Poem


(Sympathy Baby Girl Poem)

Teardrops, slow and steady
the pain so real and true –
God took another Angel
and that Angel, dear, was you.

Angel wings, upon the clouds
your body softly sleeps –
Hush now little princess
no more tears you have to weep.

Memories and little prayers
we all are mourning you –
But we’ll celebrate the
short life you led
we will never, forget you.

I know God will look after you
now you are truly alive –
Your spirit soars beyond the moon
your legacy will survive.

You’re beautiful, you’re endless
now stretch your wings and fly –
We love you so, I love you so
but now we say goodbye.

Close your pretty eyes
no more tears, just go and rest –
Let your soul lie peacefully
we know you did your best.

It was your time, so as we cry
go forward that extra mile –
You did what you were sent to do
you made everybody smile.

– Christelle Dardagos

Teardrops Slow And Steady The Pain So Real Baby Girl Sympathy Poem

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Angel’s Call Funeral Poems

Angel’s Call

(Sympathy Funeral Poems)

An Angel in
a robe of white –
Came to me as
I slept last night.

She smiled and whispered
in my ear –
‘It’s time for you
to come, my dear.’

‘Though time was short
since you were born –
You’ve earned the crown
without the thorns.

God knows the sweetness
of your soul –
Your spirit and heart
are pure and whole.’

I asked if I
could say goodbye –
To Mom and Dad
who were nearby.

The Angel smiled
and said with a nod –
‘I’m sure that will
be okay with God.’

Did you feel
my kiss goodbye –
And the tears that
fell from my eyes?

Have trust in God
though I must go –
Just like me
He loves you so.

He will comfort
and hold your hand –
And help you so
you’ll understand.

And when your Heavenly
call comes too –
With outstretched arms
I’ll come to you.

– Ron Tranmer

An Angel In A Robe Of White Angel Sympathy Poems Ron Trammer

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Heavens Nursery Loss Of Baby Poem

Heavens Nursery

(Loss Of Baby Child Poems)

In Heaven there
must surely be –
A special place
a nursery.

Where little spirits
not fully grown –
Go to live in their
Heavenly home.

The Angels must
attend with love –
Tiny spirits
on wings of doves.

The choir of Angels
sing lullabies –
To quieten down
their tiny cries.

The Father must
come by each day –
To cuddle and play
in a special way.

These tiny spirits
left earth too soon –
Little ones called home
from the womb.

These sparks of life
did not come to perish –
But came to the Father’s
love to cherish.

To grow and learn
in His own arms –
Safely away
from earthly harm.

The comforter was sent
to earth at once –
To the parents who lost
their little one.

Withe aching hearts
their arms are bare –
The question ‘why’
is always there.

Then all at once
in the midst of tears –
There comes a peace
that stills the fears.

The parents share
the Father’s own need –
To hold their tiny
spirit being.

They relinquish their own
desperate hold –
And release their baby
to the Father’s fold.

Then comes an Angel
to whisper the truth –
Of a nursery in Heaven
bearing rich fruit.

Of tiny spirits chosen
to worship the Father –
A place that couldn’t
be filled by another.

Called to be spared
from the struggles of earth –
Chosen to be one
of Heaven’s births.

So Father, whisper
words, of love from me –
To our unborn ‘life’
in your nursery.

In Heaven There Must Surely Be A Special Place A Nursery Baby Loss Poems

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