Someone So Dearly Loved | Sympathy Memorial Poems Male

Someone So Dearly Loved
(Sympathy Funeral Poems Male)

Someone loved so dearly
so popular with his friends ..
We should not cry forever
for this is not where it ends.

His memories live amongst us
times, we both laughed and cried ..
Though I couldn’t bare to lose him
one day, we all must die.

I hear his voice within me
and his funny little laugh ..
So many things remind me
of times, that are now past.

There was no-one who disliked him
He was the apple of every eye ..
Any conflicts, we all once had
are now gone by the by.

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Little Brother Poems | A Brothers Promise

A Brothers Promise
(Little Brother Poems)

Hey there, my little brother
Come here under my wing ..
I will always protect you
From every dangerous thing.

I will always be here
Right by your side ..
I couldn’t love you more
Even if I had tired.

You can trust me always
To you, I’ll never lie ..
Your secrets I’ll keep
Until the day I die.

I’ll always be strong,
Brave, loyal, and honest ..
I’m your big brother
And this is my promise.

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Little Brother Poems | My Little Brother

My Little Brother
(Little Brother Poems)

My little brother
is strong and stout ..
And when he is
a bit displeased
he gives a big shout.

My little brother
is fond of balloons ..
And when he gets
the opportunity, he
licks pots and spoons.

My little brother
loves nursery rhymes ..
And makes everyone listen
to them all the time.

My little brother
hates shops just like me ..
And when he is inside one
He makes his mother flee!

My little brother
is going to be ONE ..
I wish I could be with him
To share the great fun!

My little brother
is not at all shy ..
That cute little fellow is
The apple of our eye!

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