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Poems for dad, step-dad poems, are a fantastic way to express your love, to your dad. Great father’s day poems or dad birthday wishes. Sending loving, inspirational poems for dad, such as father daughter poems and father son poems can be treasured, heartfelt moments. This is especially true, for those who have trouble with expressing their feelings. Poems for dad and step-dad poems are ideal for any greeting cards or special days.

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Poems For Dad

So Many Times I Could Have Said

Somehow we always say the least
to those we love the best –
And hope our thoughts are understood
though they remain unexpressed.

That’s why it means so very much
when days like this appear –
To say how very much you’re loved
each day throughout the year.

Step-Dad Poems

You were not there
when I was born
and you didn’t get to see –
– first scream, first steps
first words of mine
the beginning parts of me.

You missed a lot of milestones
birthdays, school, and such –
But as for what’s important
you didn’t miss that much.

You came into our lives when
I was confused and sad –
It took a while, to adjust
but you soon became my dad.

It couldn’t have been easy
teens just never are –
We got home late
and caused you grief
and pushed you way too far.

We never thought you’d stick around
certainly, you didn’t have to –
If our own father couldn’t do it
we thought, then, why would you?

It may have taken quite a while
for us to get things right –
But in the end we did it
much to my delight.

My REAL dad, yes you are
biological or not –
For all the things that make a dad
are all the things you’ve got!

Though these words cannot explain
all that we’ve been through –
But I want you to know
that with all my heart
Dad, I do love you!

Father Son Poems

A Dad Like A Brother

Don’t you think it’s time dad
to get to know each other –
So tell me all about your life.
just like I was your brother.

Let’s talk and laugh and have a joke
just like grown men do –
The only man on earth I love
and I want to know you.

A Son And His Dad

A son and dad relationship,
is not so hard to show –
If you can’t say it, dad I will
I Love YOU, an you should know.

It’s Not Right

You think your father showed you
just how to raise a son –
I tell you dad, it wasn’t right
that’s not how it’s done.

What made it right for your dad
now you must let it go –
’cause it’s not alright for me
and I want you to know.

It won’t make us weak
it’ll on make us strong –
So I’ll tell you, I love you Dad
so I can right this wrong.

For Dad To Read

Dad if you are reading this
then you know how I feel –
I’m just so sick and tired
Of hiding what I feel.

Tell me Dad, where’s the crime
for a Son to say –
How much he loves his father
each and every day.

Did I breach the unsaid rule
did I knock you off track –
Or is it that, you just fear
that you can’t say it back.

It’s not a crime, or an offense
in fact it makes me proud –
to lift the veil of this rot
and shout it out allowed.

I Thank You Dad

At times I thought that you were
far too hard on me –
But now dad, I understand
why you had to be.

To Become the man
you knew I could –
without your guidance
I never would.

With love and patience
you gave me insight –
You taught me respect
wrong and right.

Looking back to the start
where it all begun –
Dad, I’m so proud
when you call me your SON.

Father And Friend

I know it seems we’re not so close
so I guess this has to end –
I am no longer, just you Son
for now I am your Friend.

I’ll Never Wait

I Love yous aren’t so hard to say
and I’ve often wondered why –
I will not wait to, to be the son
who says it, as you die.

I’ve to often heard this story
of all things left unsaid –
Why cry, when you had the chance
before your dad was dead.

So I will not wait another day
and without further ado –
This is what I have to say
Dad, this son Loves You

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Just Like My Dad

The older I get
the more I can see –
everything a dad
has to be.

I may have acted
like I never heard –
But dad I tell you
I got every word.

Dad you thought
I didn’t see –
but I remember
all you taught me.

All of life’s lessons
along the way –
is the reason
I’m a good man today.

I’ve got all your virtues
honest and just –
the man that I am
is one you can trust.

All that I am
in all that you see –
Is all of the good
you taught me to be.

Step-Father Poems

A Poem For My Step-dad

Although you are my Step-dad
You’re really so much more –
We get along so very well
More than I could ask for.

You always listen to me
I know you really care –
And when I really need you
You are always there.

All the great things I have learned
Just by watching you –
Thanks for, being my Step-dad
And for the good friend I’ve found in you.

First Choice Dad

I wonder if I chose you dad
way before my birth –
I wonder if I already knew
you were waiting for me on earth.

I often wonder if there
is more than we can see –
So maybe dad, this is just how
it’s all meant to be.

I may have known before I came
and chose you from the rest –
If that is the case, Dad
then I know, I chose the best.

“I love you, Dad,”
These words were never spoken
and so many times, when
I should have said,
“Thank you, Dad,”
I let those times go by
But today –
I want to let you know
that I’ll always love you
I’ll always be grateful for
everything you’ve done for me.
I Love You Dad

I wish there was a way
that somehow I could repay
you Dad, for all the things
you’ve done for me –
– For all the time and caring
all the, giving and the sharing
for lessons learned and
things, you’ve helped me see.

I wish that I could tell you,
things I’ve never said before
and thank you for the ways
you’ve helped me grow –
– And for all the gifts you’ve given
by simply being you,
no matter what – I’ll always
love YOU, so much, you know.

For all you’ve given
for all you’ve shared,
and for always being
there for me.
I Thank You Dad

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