Dad Poems P8




Dads Place

There’s a special kind of feeling
when I think about you, Dad ..
So full of happy memories
of the good times that we’ve had.

There’s a special kind of love
that only you have seen ..
That untouched place within my heart
where only you have been.


I Have A Dad

I have a Dad who’s nice to me
The best a Dad could ever be.

We chat about things randomly
Allows me the right to disagree.

He always answered truthfully
In fact he always answered me.

We’d chat about in depth stuff
Of things we couldn’t get enough.

Of life, its meaning and of love
And how the stars stay up above.

How each of us make up a team
To improve the world and self-esteem.

To show respect to one another
To treat each person as a brother.

We laughed so much with happy tears
Of all the things, from all the years.

Along the way to my surprise
I look at life through my dad’s eyes.

My heart is happy, my mind is free
I have a Dad who’s nice to me.


My Dad, My Mentor

Fables, stories, tales and myths
and legends of the lands ..
Tell of a strong faithful man
who held worlds in his hands.

Able, funny, cool and kind
a man you can’t define ..
His will can move a mountain
and his smile brings sunshine.

Truthful, trusting, brave and bold
a man to rise above ..
his integrity beats that of others
his strength of mind and love.

Honest, sincere, strong and warm
he is a cut above the rest ..
his thoughts are with his family
his actions are the best.

Eager, happy, nice and true
he’ll protect you from the wrong ..
his hope is a ray of light
he’s loved you all along.

A rare find, is such a man
but it sure makes me glad ..
This man is my mentor
but I simply call him dad.


To My Dad

Dad, you are the best
you mean the world to me ..

Dads like you are but
few who give so selflessly.

Whatever I don’t know
or don’t understand ..

I know that you will
be there for me
to lend a helping hand.

The years changed
your hair to gray ..

with laugh lines
upon your face.

But to me there’s
not another Dad ..

who could ever
take your place.


You Do So Much

You do so many little things
without you I’d be lost ..
You’re always there; you take the time
and never count the cost.

Because you bring such happiness
with all the things you do ..
I just wanted you to know
I wish life’s best, for you.



This world has many heroes
you’d know most of them by name ..
It’s apparent that they gave their best
and they deserve their fame.

But among all of the hero’s
this world has ever had ..
There’s not one that I admire more
than my precious dad.

You’re more than just a hero
you never look for praise ..
You’re heroic in your quiet strength
and in your caring ways.

You may not be as famous
as those you hear about or see ..
But you’re everything and so much more
a hero ought to be.

You keep your word, it’s good as gold
on this I can depend ..
You’re honest and your loyal too
I’m proud that you’re my friend.

When I hear about a hero
and the special things they’ve done ..
It reminds me of you Dad
because you’re the greatest one.



You truly seem to specialize
in doing thoughtful deeds ..
Before I ask, you understand
my problems and my needs.

Quietly you get it done
to help, inspire and cheer ..
And everything looks better
because you’re always near.

You always have a lot to do
but still find time to spare ..
To listen and to give advice
because you really care.

You’ve helped me
’cause you wanted to

you’re one of a kind ..
Making others happy, is
the first thing on your mind.


Wonderful Dad

Always willing, always sharing
always eager to be fair ..
Always helping, always caring
when I need you, you’re always there ..

Ever loving, ever guiding
ever faithful, ever true ..
You’re my Dad and I take pride
thanking God, He gave me You!


What Is A Dad?

Gentle enough to hold you in his loving arms
strong enough to catch you when you fall ..
Patient enough to teach you all he knows
He understands and accepts it all.

He’s wise enough to lead and guide you
as you follow and adhere to his reflection ..
Yet he’ll give you enough leeway and freedom
to choose your own path and direction.

He’s the leader of his home
he’s the first love of their life ..
He’s not ashamed to shed a tear
or hug and kiss his wife.

He’s ready to admit he’s wrong
though you made him wild ..
He doesn’t mind if you call him ‘Daddy’
‘cause you are his child.



Thank you for the love and laughs
for the good times that we share ..
Thanks for always listening
and for trying to be fair.

Thank you for your comfort
when things are going bad ..
Thank you for the shoulder
to cry on when I’m sad.

This gift of words reminds you
that all my life through ..
I’ll be thanking the angels in Heaven
for having a Dad like you.


To My Loving Dad

Tiny fingers hard at play
Stuck gum in my hair today.

Put mud balls in all the sinks
Used ten cups just getting drinks.

Crumbled cookies on the floor
Broke the jar while getting more.

Spilled milk every meal today
Made our kitten run away.

Then gave hugs ‘til who would guess
They were the author of this mess.

Tiny fingers hard at play
All too soon will move away.



He never looks for praises
He’s never one to boast ..
He just goes on working quietly
For those he loves the most.

His dreams are seldom spoken of
His wants are very few ..
Most of the time his worries
will go unspoken too.

He’s there, a firm foundation
through all the storms in life ..
A sturdy hand to hold on to
In times of stress and strife.

A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad ..
One of our greatest blessings is
The man that call our dad.



I’ve cried a million tears for
what I put you through ..
Of All the angry words I used
when spoke so rude to you.

The many night’s you didn’t sleep
wondering where I am ..
Sitting At Home worried and waiting
when I didn’t give a damn.

Yet, you never gave up on me Dad
your love saw me through ..
All thanks to you and god above
my life is good and true.


Thank God For A Dad Like You

As I watch the world around me
I thank god everyday ..
That I had a dad like you
To guide me on my way.

While other children, were at a loss
and wondering what to do ..
I knew that I could always
rely and count on you.

So, dad I would just like to say
thank you for who you are ..
I’ll be grateful till my dying day
for getting me this far.



I wish I could give you a treasure chest
full of special times we had ..
I wish I could ease all your worries
So you were never sad.

I wish I could take back angry words
I ever spoke to you ..
I wish I could give the happiest days
and peace your whole life through.

But I have no magic spells
no life of wealth and fame ..
The only thing I can give you
is pride having your name.

I’ll always be there for you dad
as you have been for me ..
And I will be that person
You would have me to be.



F is for fearless ..
.. My dad is that you know.

A is for all the places we go ..
.. Even the ones he doesn’t want to go to.

T is for talking ..
.. He says, I do that way too much!

H is for all the happiness ..
.. He always gives me that in a bunch.

E is for enthusiastic ..
.. This maybe the longest word in the world.
I can barely say that word.
But I’m told, it is how I feel
Being Daddy’s special little girl!

R is for all these reasons
and there are so many

.. He’s the best dad in the world!


Dear Dad

On this special day
I’d just like you to know ..
Thank you for all the ways
you helped me change and grow.

Thank you for all your rules
it’s helped me to be strong ..
In making life decisions
and knowing right from wrong.

Thank you for your fun and laughs
that put smiles on my frown ..
It’s helped me lighten many a load
at times when I was down.

Thank you for the constant push
to find a better me ..
Thank you dad for everything
that you taught me to be.

Thank you for your Love
in doses big and small ..
It’s carried me throughout the years
it’s got me through it all.



I may not say it often enough
I may not say it out loud ..
I may not say it to you
But I am, Oh so proud.

I’m proud to have you
As my dad, and have
you as my friend ..
Dad I’m glad
I am your son/daughter.
’till this life does end.



You held my hand when I was sick
stayed up till I got in ..
You taught me how to ride my bike
and wiped my bloody chin.

You helped me get my license
white knuckled in the seat ..
You demanded boys to come inside
and every date to meet.

Though I never thanked you
I want you to know I’m glad ..
That all those times you told me off
I was happy I had you dad.


Daddy’s Little Girl

Every day since I was born
I’ve been your little girl ..
And you to me were always
my whole wide world.

No matter how I look now
or how much I have grown ..
I’ll always be that little girl
That daddy calls his own.

I’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.


Never Alone

At a point in one’s life they realize
there is that one person
who is always there for you ..

The one person who makes you feel
your dreams
can and will come true.

They make you smile when you’re sad
and when you can’t explain, they understand ..
They give you hope, to get through
believe in you
and lend a helping hand.

You can tell them what’s deep your heart
or if you have lost your way ..
they will gently guide you back
they know just what to say.

You can express your deepest feelings
when you feel hurt inside ..
knowing someone cares for you
if you broke down and cried.

Dad, you’re the one who makes me believe
tomorrow will be bright ..
You’re the one who makes me know
that every things alright.

Dad You Are The Best



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