Dad Poems P9




What Is A Dad?

A Dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up, brushes
you off and lets you try again.

A Dad is someone who wants to
keep you from making mistakes ..
.. but instead lets you find your own way
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

A Dad is someone who
holds you when you cry, scolds you
when you break the rules, shines
with pride when you succeed and
has faith in you, even when you fail.


Just For Dad

I’m not good at expressing,
how much you mean to me ..
Everything I do in my life
is how you showed me to be.

You hold the key to my future
in everything I do ..
The traits that help me to succeed
I guess I got from you.

I have a dad I am close to
one I know is always there ..
Whenever I am sad and low
you always show you care.

Though you don’t often show it
as some others may ..
You make me laugh and smile a lot
and always make my day.

You always have been there for me
no matter what the cost ..
You are the love light in my life
without you I’d be lost.

Never to outgrow your love
I will always need you here ..
No matter where I travel to
be it far or near.

I’ll always be a daddy’s girl
I know that’s deep and true ..
And all that remains for me to say,
Is dad .. I love you!


Thank You For My Dad

Once a year is not enough
to say I love you dad ..

He’s been there for me all my life
when I’ve been happy or sad.

When God made dad’s he labeled mine
“This one’s just for you” ..

He was so right, no other dad
can do the things you do.

A hero always in my eyes
he gave his last to me ..

When my dad came home
I’d climb upon his knee.

And tell him what I’d done that day
my dollies, mummy and me ..

Now I look at my children
and hope that they will be.

To say I love you so much dad
on this your special day ..

Comes from my heart straight to you
full of loving words to say.

We never say the things we should
as often as need be ..

But dad I really mean it when I say
God gave the best DAD to ME.



I was always your little shadow
I’d follow you every where ..
When ever you would turn around
I would be right there.

Hey Dad, I remember
All those special days ..
And many, many other things
you taught me through the days.

Hey Dad, you may not believe me
but I tell you this is true ..
I am who I am today
all because of you.

Hey Dad, I love you dearly
I’ll always be your little girl ..
You’ll always be my hero
Cause you are my whole world.

I Love You So Much Dad
And I want the world to know. ..
I couldn’t ask for anymore
Than a Daddy that’s my hero.



Wrapped up in Birthday paper
sealed with a hug and kiss ..
Today Is your “Birthday”
so, I give you this.

I have wrapped for you my feelings
you must reach down deep inside ..
Just for today you get to peek
access is not denied.

You know I have trouble dad
my words, don’t seem to flow ..
But, Dad I love you so much
more than you would ever know.

So I’ve wrapped my words securely
in paper wrap and tape ..
Loving words written on paper
so they can’t escape.

Keep them safe, read them often
and know they are all true ..
You are the best dad in the world
my dad, I love you.


Tough Love

I never thought you loved me
our time was always cold ..
Never said those words to me
blamed myself ten fold.

I could have been a better son
and you a better dad ..
Should have changed the whole damn thing
and worked with what we had.

No one showed you how to love
so how could you show me?
Time would come to be our friend
love would help us see.

You loved me with your silent words
protective acts of war.
When I thought I’d gone too far
you loved me even more.
Our silence isn’t quite as awkward
we’ve grown over the years ..
Holding on to what we find
before life disappears.

You, my father, I, your son
love held in between ..
Confusion turned to understanding
chaos to serene.

Dad I’ve always loved you
I won’t wait another day ..
to tell you that I love you
and every things okay.


My Father

A father never wants to see
his child go astray ..
Everyday he tries his best
to help you find your way.

He knows at times you’ll have to fail
Learn things on your own ..
No matter how it hurts to see
the falls before you’ve grown.

Protector of a youthful heart
consoled all of our pains ..
A hero in the eyes of love
his blood runs through our veins.

Child love your father now
Give him all your praise ..
Our time in life is limited
Wisely use these days.

Give back all he’s given you
this love is something rare ..
It’s flow is unconditional
strength beyond compare.


The Man, My Dad

You’re not the father who made me
and I thank god you’re not ..
Because if you where, all these
things I would have never have got.

You taught me how to trust again
that great people exist ..
You are always here for us,
nothing have you ever missed.

I know you aren’t the man who made me
but of that I am glad ..
Any guy can be a father
but it takes a real man to be a dad.

You are the only father I’ve ever known,
the only one I’ve had ..
And I love you more than words can say
you’ll always be my dad.


A Step-dad Is A Step-up

To the man who healed a broken family
who made our house a home ..
To link the path of incomplete
so we were not alone.

Your footsteps are easy to follow
Even though sometimes I fell ..
Never because you staggered
but because you did it well.

So why do they call it a step-dad?
‘cause it’s a step-up from a Dad ..
Something far more special.
the best a child could have had.

So today I want you to remember
how wonderful, strong you are ..
Because without you here with me
I would have never gotten far.

I never can repay you, Dad,
For all the things you’ve done ..
I can only love you more and more
For each and every one!


Special Gift For Dad

This is a very special gift
that you can never see ..
The reason its so special
it comes to you from me.

Whenever you are lonely Dad
or even feeling a little blue ..
You only have to hold this gift
and know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it
please leave the ribbon tied ..
You only have to hold this gift
its filled with love inside.



My father was a stern, strong man
full of power and pride ..
My youth was spent in rebellion
his knowledge tossed aside.

He was not a man of soft kind words,
great moments of affection ..
But he was always there, watching out
his love was his protection.

My youthful eyes could not see
the man that I view now ..
So full of care and loving wisdom
which I did disavow.

Though seldom spoken, the words are there
in the action he does take ..
Those moments he loves and forgives
even my worst mistake.

The time he takes to show concern
when my path may stray ..
Or the awkward words which still are spoken
when we’re in dismay.

I’d never trade a single moment
not one, end to start ..
He is my dad, I am his girl
always in his heart.


Happy Birthday Dad

I wish a Happy Birthday
to the man I call my Dad ..
As I look back on all these years
and all the good times we’ve had.

All are filled with laughter
our faces brightened with smiles ..
Especially when you tickle me
you could hear my laugh from miles.

You help me with so many things
and encourage me my best ..
You always put smiles on my face
whenever I was stressed.

You always joke around with me
in a ways that show you care ..
And when I need your guidance
you are always there.

So today is your day
and I thank you for all you do ..
Know that you mean so much to me
and that I Love You.


I Am His Daughter
(Step Dad – Daughter Poems)

I have a stepfather who loves me.
I have a stepfather who
will do anything for me.
I have a stepfather who
has always been there for me.
I have a stepfather who
knows that he is loved.
I have a stepfather who
gives a helping hand.
I have a stepfather who is not
just my mother’s husband
but my father as well.
I have a stepfather who
is loved my his one and
only daughter


Thank You Dad

Today I will remember
everything he’s done ..
In the past, present, and future
raising his daughter and son.

He was there when mom died
he took care of us alone ..
Not once did he ever say
it was something we had done.

He just raised us best he could
was a mom and a dad ..
Taught us about God and life
gave us everything he had.

He taught me many sports
he pushed me all the way ..
And even now that I’m grown up
he pushes me further each day.

Though sometimes he pushed too hard
to a point that I want to cry ..
But I look back on it and thank him
because now I understand why.

He knew that I could do it
I just needed a wanting to try ..
His words of critique were really a way
to motivate me inside.

So thank you dad for everything
for teaching me all you knew ..
You’re the best dad I could ask for
thanks Dad, I love you.



I know you’re not my real father
although it feels that way ..
Because you do so much for me,
each and every day.

I wonder if you realize
how much you mean to me ..
But with this poem I write to you
I hope to help you see.

You do so much more for me, you know
than my actual father ..
And to tell you straight from my heart
it’s you Dad I’d much rather.

I will always love you Dad
for everything you do.
You are the best a Dad can be
I just want to THANK YOU !



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