Step-Dad Poems


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Some People Say
You’re Not My Real Dad

Some people would say you’re not my real Dad
but we know this isn’t true –
For you’ve been a Real Dad to me
in all the things we’ve been through.

We’ve had our ups and downs
sometimes its hard to bend –
But you’ve always been there when I needed you
and that’s what matters in the end.

You’ve been patient, kind and firm
over the years as I’ve grown –
And I’m eternally grateful to you
because you’ve treated me as your own.

Although we’re not tied by bloodlines
the Love and Trust you’ve given me –
Is a precious gift, day after day
and that’s what counts as a Real Dad to me.

Author Unknown

A Step-Father Means So Many Things

I know I haven’t always said
how I appreciate, all that you do –
So I’m saying now, how blessed I feel
to have a Step-dad like you.

I never got to choose you
You just became my ‘Dad’ –
So I’m grateful to my mother
for the great taste that she had.

A step father means so many things
like an understanding heart –
A source of strength and of support
right from the very start.

A constant readiness to help
in a kind and thoughtful way –
With encouragement and forgiveness
no matter what comes your way.

A special generosity
and always affection, too –
A step father means so many things
when he’s a great man like YOU!

The Dad He Didn’t Have To Be

I know I didn’t tell you enough
but I think you should know –
How much I care, how I love you
how much you’ve helped me grow.

Before you came into my world
I had no-one to call Dad –
You leaped the hurdle
(even though you’re short!)
I don’t think you did half bad.

Now I sit here so far from home
living in this distant place –
Wishing I could sit and have a beer
and to see your ugly old face.

You mean the world to me my Dad
and you might not think it’s true –
When the day comes, a family I start
I hope to be, a Dad like you.

So many years have passed us now
since I was a little lad –
Though I’m no longer so little these days
I’m still glad to call you Dad.

Now I stand here so far away
in the mirror what do I see? –
Someone who hopes, I can be but half
of the Dad You didn’t have to be.

This is hard to say, it’s harder to write
but it comes straight from my heart –
When I tell you that I’ve loved you as Dad
right from the very start.

When I get old I know you’ll still
always be there with me –
I hope my kids have half the Dad
that you did not have to be.

Now I just want to thank you Dad
from the bottom of my heart –
For always being there as my Dad
and loving me from the start.

And when my kids get older
and I, sit with grand kids on knee –
I pray I make, half the Grandpa
I know you’re going to be.

Eulogy For My Step-Dad

I can’t believe he’s gone
He’s left our world behind –
And though he’s moving on
His light will always shine.

In everything he taught me
with every truth he shared –
The love he gave so freely
and the way he always cared.

His loyalty, his honesty
His humor and his pride –
Always shall inspire me
to cast my fears aside.

Go after your dreams
with all your heart!
is what he used to say –
And now though it seems.
that we’re worlds apart
He has not gone away.

His spirit still shall lift me
His smile will remain –
Part of everything we see.
in our joy and in our pain.

He will always feel our love
we are forever blessed –
And as he watches from above
we’ll try to do our best.

By – Alaska Moleman

A Second Dad

Even though you’re not my dad
I know that you’ll be there –
With the little things your do
to let me know you care.

You’re always there to help
whatever the need may be –
You’ve given of yourself
and so unselfishly.

Now you’re becoming the dad
that I’ve never known –
I’m drawn to you more everyday
for the kindness you have shown.

So, I just want to thank you
and let you know I care
A second dad, as great as you
is so very rare.

Author Unknown

I Am His Daughter

I have a stepfather
who loves me.
I have a stepfather who
will do anything for me.

I have a stepfather who
has always been there for me.

I have a stepfather who
knows that he is loved.

I have a stepfather who
gives a helping hand.

I have a stepfather who is not
just my mother’s husband
but my father as well.

I have a stepfather who
is loved by his one and
only daughter. Me!

My Step-Dad

I know you’re not my real father
although it feels that way –
Because you do so much for me
each and every day.

I wonder if you realize
how much you mean to me –
but with this poem I write to you
I hope to help you see.

You do so much more for me, you know
than my actual father –
And to tell you straight from my heart
it’s you Dad I’d much rather.

I will always love you Dad
for everything you do –
You are the best a Dad can be
I just want to THANK YOU !

A Step-dad Is A Step-up

To the man who healed a broken family
who made our house a home –
To link the path of incomplete
so we were not alone.
Your footsteps are easy to follow
even though sometimes I fell –
Never because you staggered
but because you did it well.
So why do they call it a step-dad?
‘cause it’s a step-up from a Dad –
Something far more special
the best a child could have had.
So today I want you to remember
how wonderful, strong you are –
Because without you here with me
I would have never gotten far.
I never can repay you, Dad
for all the things you’ve done –
I can only love you more and more
for each and every one!

A Poem For My Step Dad

Although you are my Step-dad
You’re really so much more –
We get along so very well
More than I could ask for.
You always listen to me
I know you really care –
And when I really need you
You are always there.
All the great things I have learned
Just by watching you –
Thanks for, being my Step-dad
And for the good friend I’ve found in you.

My Step-dad

To me you are a
priceless commodity –
A wealth of wisdom
you’ve been to me.

If I have thoughts
I need to share –
I always know
that you will care.

Enjoying the things
we accomplish together –
When done with you
they’re always better.

You always have
an open mind –
A better step-dad
I could never find.

Step Dads Are Real Dads

You were not there when I was born
and you didn’t get to see –
First screams, first steps
first words of mine
the beginning part of me.

You missed a lot of milestones
birthdays, school, and such –
But as for what’s important
you didn’t miss that much.

You came into our lives when
when I was confused and sad –
It took a while to adjust
but you soon became my dad.

It couldn’t have been easy
teens just never are –
We got home late
and caused you grief
we pushed you way too far.

We never thought you’d stick around
certainly, you didn’t have to –
If our own father couldn’t do it
we thought, then why would you?

It may have taken quite a while
for us to get things right –
But in the end wed did it
much to my delight.

My REAL dad, yes you are,
biological or not –
For all the things that make a dad
are all the things you’ve got!

Though these words cannot explain
all that we’ve been through –
But I want you to know
that with all my heart
Dad, I love you!