The Best Love | In Loving Memory Poems

The Best Love
(In Loving Memory Poems)

The sun was shining brightly
The day you had to go ..
I didn’t feel its warmth
Or see its golden glow.

Flowers grew in abundance
Forming perfectly ..
But life had lost its meaning
The day that you left me.

Time they say heals all
It can mend each broken heart ..
Ease the pain, stay the tears
From a love that’s torn apart.

Whatever the future holds
A piece of my heart you’ll own ..
For loving you was special
The best love, I’ve ever known.

I Wish | Memorial Poems

I Wish
(Memorial Poems)

You cannot ease my aching heart
nor pacify my pain ..
Nor can you replace what I have lost
Or bring her back again.

I want you back by my side
to take you by the hand ..
And walk the golden beach
where our toes squish in the sand.

You listened when I needed to talk
you wiped away my tears ..
You shared my worries when they came
and you helped me through my fears.

I want you back to stand by me
to help me as I grow and strive ..
To take your hand and face the world
I wish you back alive.

They Say Time Heals The Pain | Memorial Poems

They Say Time Heals The Pain
(In Loving Memory Poems)

I thought that time was healing
from the hurt you left behind ..
That empty space could be filled
my arms, my heart and mind.

My body looks the same
as it did when you were here ..
But the emptiness is growing
each and every year.

I thought that time would heal
this sad, unbearable pain ..
That soon my tears would fade
and I would learn to live again.

All the times I am smiling
are just me pretending ..
Hurt flows through my heart and soul
this pain is never ending.

I thought that time would heal
but nothings changed, it seems ..
My aching arms that miss you
aren’t satisfied with dreams.

So here I am, in pain again
and healing stands alone ..
As I will forever weep,
for you cannot come home.

See You In My Dreams | Memorial Poems

See You In My Dreams
(In Loving Memory Poems)

Last night I dreamed you held my hand
But woke and you weren’t there ..
And as the teardrops filled my eyes
Your presence filled the air.

I tried again to reach for you
But you are too far away ..
So I began to cry again
Waiting for the day.

When I see you once again
I know just what I’ll do ..
I’ll gently grab you by the hand
To make my dream come true.