Crossing Over Oh Please Don’t Feel Guilty

Crossing Over
(Sympathy Poems)

Oh, please don’t feel guilty
It was just my time to go –
I see you are still feeling sad
And the tears just seem to flow.

We all come to earth for our lifetime
and for some it’s not many years –
I don’t want you to keep crying
you are shedding so many tears.

I haven’t really left you
even though it may seem so –
I have just gone to my Heavenly home
and I’m closer to you than you know.

Just believe that when you say
my name, I’m standing next to you –
I know you long to see me
but there’s nothing I can do.

But I’ll still send you messages
and hope you understand –
That when your time comes to
“cross over,” I’ll be there
to take your hand.

crossing over poem

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They Say There is a Reason Poem

They say there is a reason, they say that time will heal, but neither time nor reason, will change the way I feel. For no-one knows the heartache, that lies behind our smiles. No-one knows how many times, we have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something, so there won’t be any doubt, you’re so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without. Grief Loss Verses For Facebook

They Say There Is A Reason They Say That Time Grief Poem

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God Looked Around His Garden

An Empty Place

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God looked around his Garden
and found an empty place –
He then looked down upon his earth
and saw your loving face.

He put his arms around you
and lifted you to rest –
His Garden must be beautiful
he always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering
he knew you were in pain –
And knew that you would never
get well on earth again.

He saw your path was difficult
he closed you tired eyes –
He whispered to you “Peace be Thine”
and gave you wings to fly.

When we saw you sleeping
so calm and free of pain –
I wouldn’t wish you back
to earth to suffer once again.

You’ve left us precious memories
your love will be our guide –
You live on through your children
you’re always by our side.

It broke our hearts to lose you
but you did not go alone –
For part of us went with you
on the day God called you home.

God Looked Around His Garden And Found An Empty Place

We do Not Need A Special Day

We do Not Need A Special Day
Grief Poems Memorial Poems

We do not need a special day
to bring you to our minds –
The days we do not think of you
are very hard to find.

Each morning when we awake
we know that you are gone –
And no one knows the heartache
as we try to carry on.

Our hearts still ache with sadness
and secret tears still flow –
What it meant to lose you
no one will ever know.

Our thoughts are always with you
your place no one can fill –
In life we loved you dearly
in death we love you still.

There will always to be a heartache
and often a silent tear –
But always a precious memory
of the days when you were here.

If tears would make a staircase
and heartaches make a lane –
We’d walk the path to heaven
and bring you home again.

We hold you close within our hearts
and there you will remain –
To walk with us throughout our lives
until we meet again.

Our family chain is broken now
and nothing seems the same –
But as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again.

We Do Not Need A Special Day To Bring You To Our Minds Grief Poems

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