Mind Wreck – Depression Poems – Mental Illness

Mind Wreck

(Depression Poems – Mental Illness)

A glimmer of light in the darkness of night

the sun has been born once again.

Anguish and stress are hardly a test

as you struggle and fight with your brain.

Somethings not right, I’m losing this fight

my thoughts are becoming all scattered.

Sprung like a gun with no place to run

My mind is unstuck and tattered.

I’m left in a wreck at the stern of the deck

in an ocean of waves I can’t fight.

where calmness once reigned, has now all but drained

giving way to the darkness of night.

This path was a trap, one without map

my seafaring skills are awry.

I cannot forbade the mistakes that get made

when my mind has led me astray.