In Heaven | Child Loss Memorial Poems

In Heaven
(Child Loss Memorial Poems)

He took you home
to heaven, to stay ..
I cried and cried
when you went away.

But, I guess
I had to learn .,.
That it was
just your turn.

A missing Angel
so He chose you ..
Best little Angel
we ever knew.

We understand
how it just had to be ..
He took you to heaven
to set you free.

Free at last
free from pain ..
Free to dance
and play again.

We are all
missing you ..
and all the things
you used to do.

But we got
to understand ..
You are there
in his precious hand.

Make sure there’s
a place for us ..
Someday we will join you
that we must.

Go now my sweet one
run and play ..
We’ll think of you
in every way.

Till my time on earth
is through ..
that’s when I’ll be
back with you.