Grandfather Poems | Grandfathers Hands

Grandfathers Hands
(Grandfather Poems)

As soft as the wind
rustling my hair ..
Were both your hands
grandfather, fair.

Old as they are
they kept their touch ..
They are the hands
I loved so much.

The hands that held
me at my birth
Those same wise hands
tended the earth.

And while I slept
on frightful nights ..
Your grip gave me
the will to fight.

Your gentle hands
they warm my blood ..
With loyalty the way
no other could.

And as I mourned
your sudden death ..
It was your hands
that held my head.

It was your hands
that wiped my tears ..
Through all those
mournful, lonely years.

It is your hands
that give me life ..
The will to end
the pain and strife.

Of all the memories
I can recall ..
Your hands is the
most precious of all.

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