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(In Loving Memory – Mom – Mother – Mum)
Age will not dim her loving face

Her sparkling eyes and happy face
She fell asleep and left me sad
I will never forget the Mother I had.
(In Loving Memory – Mom – Mother – Mum)
M is for the Many things she gave me

O is Only that she was growing old ..
T is for the Tears she often shed for me
H is for her Heart as pure as gold.
E is for her Eyes that shone so brightly
R is for the many Riches she gave to me..
Put them altogether they spell MOTHER
The dearest one in all the world to me.
You’ve chosen an angel
There’s no finer than ..
For God in your wisdom
You’ve chosen our Nan.
In memory’s page
I will never blot ..
Three little words
forget me not.
Never forget you.
Every day
in some small way ..
We miss you more
than words can say.
In our hearts
you will always stay ..
Loved and remembered
every day.
A face is from our household gone
A voice we loved is stilled ..
A chair is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.
A beautiful memory
dearer than gold ..
Of a mother/father
whose worth, can never be told.
There’s a place in my heart
no one can fill ..
I miss you, mum/dad
and always will.
In the quiet of the evening
I sit and think of you ..
I open up my memory book
Of the things we used to do.
And as I turn the pages
My eyes are filled with tears ..
For, although I have my memories
I can’t hold back the years.
Partings come
to let us know ..
We love more deeply
than we show.
But love in death
should let us see ..
What love in life
should really be.
You always waited for me
Anxious, if I were late ..
In winter at the window
In summer by the gate.
Your thoughts were always for me
Not once did you forget ..
And so I know from Heaven above
You’ll be waiting for me yet.
Although we laugh and seem carefree
And make no outward show ..
What it meant to lose you
No one will ever know.
There’s a face we shall always remember
A voice we shall always recall ..
A memory to cherish forever
Of one so dear to us all.

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In Loving Memory Cards We Wonder Why

To hear your voice
to see you smile ..
To sit and talk
to you a while.
To be together in
the same old way ..
Would be my dearest
wish today.
To us he/she was someone special
Someone set apart ..
His/Her memory will live forever
Engraved within our hearts.
Nothing could be more beautiful
Than memories treasured and true ..
To us they are so precious
Because they are of YOU.
Looking back with tenderness
Along the path we trod ..
I bless the years I spent with you
And leave the rest to God.
God saw you getting weary
A cure was not to be ..
He put His arms around you
And whispered: Come to Me.
What she suffered
and she told so few ..
She did not deserve
what she went through.
Tired and weary
she made no fuss ..
But tried so hard
to stay with us.
What he suffered
though he told but few ..
He never deserved
what he went through.
He left us suddenly
his thoughts unknown ..
But he left us with memories
we are so proud to own.
God saw you getting weary
The hill too steep to climb ..
He put His arms around you
And whispered: Peace be thine.
God has taken you away from us
And taken you to rest ..
It’s not for us to understand
He only takes the best.
The family chain is broken now
And nothing seems the same ..
But as God takes us one by one
That chain will link again.
From our happy home and circle
God has taken one we loved ..
Borne away from pain and sorrow
To a nobler rest above.
In days gone by I’d take your hand
And wish you all the best ..
But all I can do now, is ask God
To grant you eternal rest.
To think we did not say goodbye
Will always bring regret ..
But hearts that always loved
Never will forget.
I lived in hope
I prayed in vain ..
That God would make
you well again.
But God decided
we must part ..
I watched you die
with a broken heart.
It was a sudden parting
Too bitter to forget ..
Those who really loved you
Are the ones that won’t forget.
A golden heart stopped beating
Two smiling eyes at rest ..
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.
Your painful days are over
Your restless nights have passed ..
God took you in His arms
And whispered… Peace at last.

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