Sister In Heaven Poems

Sister In Heaven Poems

Sister in loving memory Sister in Heaven Poems. Sister Memorial Cards

Sister In Heaven Poems

You went away so suddenly
we did not say goodbye –
But Sisters can’t be parted
precious memories never die.

You gave me a Sister
you taught me to dream –
You gave me a Sister
you made us a team.

You gave me a Sister
you taught me to smile –
You gave me a Sister
for such a short while.

You gave me a Sister
you taught me to treasure –
You gave me a Sister
whose love I couldn’t measure.

You gave me a Sister
you taught friendship to grow –
You gave me a Sister
whose fate I couldn’t know.

You gave me a Sister
you taught me to love –
You gave me a Sister
who is now up above.

You gave me a Sister
you gave me hope –
He took my Sister now
please, teach me to cope.


You played a big
part of my life, but
now that you are gone –
The love that I
still have for you
will just go on and on.

Her life earnest
her actions kind –
A willing hand
an active mind.

Anxious to please
loath to offend –
A loving Sister
and faithful friend.

My dearest darling Sister
how can I find the words to say –
To tell of how I miss you
throughout each and every day.

I’ll miss our little chats
the way you’d listened to me moan –
And how you’d always cheer me up
whenever you would phone.

Living life without you
is so, very hard to bear –
And I’d give all I have
to waken you and see
you standing there.

Dear Lord
please hear my prayer –
Keep my Sister
in your care.

For there comes a time
for all of us when
we must say goodbye –
But memories of those
we really loved
live on, and never die.

I miss you Sister
more than anyone knows –
as time goes by
the emptiness grows.

I laugh, I talk
I play my part –
but behind my smile
is a broken heart.

Love you always Sister

Thinking Of You Sister

Although I’m sad without you
and wish that you were here –
Within my heart your lovely smile
still shines bright and clear.

I treasure all those moments
of growing up with you –
The secrets we would always share
the childish things we’d do.

And as the years passed quickly by
we grew closer still –
I miss you, dearest Sister
and you know I always will.

Dear Sister In Heaven

Your birthday brings back memories
that are still, painful to bear –
You were such a wonderful Sister
I dearly miss you not, being here.

I treasure memories, of you dearly
you were a special Sister to me –
I will always miss you
for all eternity.

You may have been taken out of sight
but, never out of my heart –
You’ll live forever in my memories
from where you could never depart.

Sister Missing You

I’m missing you a little more
each time I hear your name –
I have cried so many tears, yet
my hearts broke just the same.

I miss our lives together and
things in common, shared –
But nothing fills the emptiness
now, you’re no longer hear.

I have many precious memories
to last my whole life through –
Each one of these memories
of how much I’m missing you.

Dearest Sister

A beautiful memory
dearer than gold –
Of a Sister whose worth
can never be told.

There’s a place in my heart
no one could fill –
I miss you dear Sister
and always will.

To hear your voice
to see you smile –
To sit and talk
to you awhile.

To be together
in the same old way –
Would be my dearest
wish today.

Dear Sister In Heaven

I sit and ponder, how very much
I’d like to talk with you today –
There are so many things
that we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you care for me
and how much I care for you –
And each time that I think of you
I know you’ll miss me too.


Your place was ready
in the Heavens above –
You had to, leave behind
all those, you, dearly loved.

You had so much to live for
you had so much to do –
It still seems impossible
that God was taking you.

And though your life
on earth is past
in Heaven, it starts anew –
You’ll live for all eternity
just as God has promised you.

And though you’ve walked
through Heaven’s gate
we are never far apart –
For every time I think of you
you’re right here
with-in my heart.

Yesterday I felt okay
I smiled, when I thought of you –
I remembered happy times
and the funny things you’d do.

But today, I feel so very sad
I think of you and cry –
I’m missing you so very much
and still asking God, why?

I don’t know what will happen
when I face another day –
What will tomorrow bring?
will I cry or be okay.

This roller-coaster of emotions
is the worst ride of my life –
Nothing can prepare you
for the never ending strife.

I may not handle my emotions
the way, that I should do –
But I still thank the Lord
for the time I had with you.

Precious Sister I Miss You

Small mementos left behind
are safely tucked away –
Precious memories that we share
are in our hearts to stay.

How well do I remember
all the special times we had –
As we were raised side
sharing good times and bad.

Sometimes we would disagree
but always made up in the end –
But as we grew to be adults
we became the best of friends.

Then you heard the voice of Jesus
gently, calling from on high –
He held out His loving arms
but I couldn’t say “goodbye”.

So I said “See You later”
dear Sister, wait for me –
In the beauty of God’s Heaven
where the best is yet to be.

Dear Sister

I miss your friendly guidance
your teasing, at every chance
your pampering and scolding too –
My dearly loved Sister
I miss everything, about you!

Our pathway changes
as life goes along –
but the bond between us
remains forever strong. “

I Miss You Sister


To Have You As A Sister

Of all the many blessings
however great or small –
To have had you for a Sister
was the greatest one of all.

The family chain is broken now
and nothing seems the same –
But as God takes us one by one
the chain will link again.

It broke my heart to lose you, Sis
but to stay, just brought you pain –
Love alone, could not save you
but I know we’ll meet again.

Goodbye to you dear Sister
you deserve eternal rest –
You cared so much for everyone
and always did your best.


Jesus took you for a sunbeam
to shine on Her each day –
In every way, you’ll please Her
and brighten up His day.

An angel took our flower away
it needed so much care –
But some day God will tell us
why to us it seems unfair.

For Your Birthday In Heaven

Your Birthday’s here
dear Sister, but you aren’t –
I’d send a to you a special gift
but I know I can’t.

So I’ll make a wish for you
upon a the brightest star –
To carry all my love
right to where you are.

My Sister you
will never know –
How much I truly
loved you so.

Having you
so very close –
Is what I always
miss the most.

No words describe
or could say –
The sorrow
I feel every day.

Each day you are
on my mind –
Sister you were
one of a kind.

In my heart you will live
and will always be –
No one could, or ever would
mean so much to me.

My Sister Wait For Me

I took your picture from the wall
just so I can see –
How beautiful my Sister is
and hold her close to me.

To soon, so young, to have to die
why did She have to go –
So much to give, so full of life
I guess I’ll never know.

I know, I can’t have you back
but, my Sister can you wait –
For me, when my earth time ends
by the stairs, at Heaven’s Gate.

By – Toni Kane