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He has gone across the river
to the shore of evergreen –
And we long to see his dear face
but the river flows between.

Someday, sometime we shall see
the face we loved so well –
Someday we’ll clasp his hand
and never say farewell.

From our happy home and circle
God has taken one we loved –
She is borne from sin and sorrow
to a nobler rest above.

No one knows how much we miss her
none but aching hearts can tell –
Lost on earth but found in heaven
Jesus doeth all things well.

(In Loving Memory Dad)

Dad is such a special word
a word that brings to mind –
A big warm smile, a helping hand
a way of being kind.

Devotion to the family
a word of patience too –
Dad is such a special word
because it stands for you.

It is sad to walk the road alone
instead of side by side –
But to all there comes a moment
when the ways of life divide.

You gave me years of happiness
then came sorrow and tears –
But you left me beautiful memories
I will treasure through the years.

Two tired eyes are sleeping
two willing hands are still –
For one who suffered far too much
is resting in God’s will.

You never said goodbye to us
perhaps it’s just as well –
We never could have said goodbye
to one we loved so well.

Though your smile is gone forever
and your hand we cannot touch –
Still we have so many memories
of the ones we loved so much.

Your memory is our keepsake
with which we’ll never part –
God has you in His keeping
we have you in our hearts.

So many things have happened
since you were called away –
So many things to share with you
had you been left to stay.

Every day in some small way
memories of you come our way –
Though absent, you are ever near
still missed, loved, and always dear.

(In Loving Memory Mom)

When we remember your smile
it brightens our day –
And thoughts of your warmth and love
seem to smooth the way.

Your gentle spirit is still with us
though you are gone –
Sunny days, cool breezes
always for you, Mom.

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In Loving Memory Cards

It’s been years
since you’ve been gone –
But in our hearts
you still live on.

Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same –
But as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again.

You are not forgotten.

We think of you in silence
we often speak your name –
But all we have are memories
and your picture in a frame.

Your resting place we visit
and put flowers there with care –
But no one knows the heartache
as we turn and leave you there.

Life is a beautiful memory
his death is a silent grief –
He sleeps in God’s beautiful garden
in sunshine of perfect peace.

I miss him oh so much
but realize God knew best –
He let me have him many years
then gently bid him rest.

Oft in the stilly night ere
slumbers chains hath bound me.
Fond memory brings the light
of other days around me.

The smiles, the tears
of childhood’s years
the words of love then spoken.
The eyes that shone
now dimmed and gone
The cheerful hearts now broken.

We often think of bygone days
when we were all together –
The family chain is broken now
but memories will live forever.

To us, she has not gone away
nor has she traveled far –
Just entered God’s eternal home
and left the gate ajar.

I’ve lost my sole companion
a life linked with my own –
No one knows how I miss him
as I travel my life alone.

I never said goodbye, dear
but that was just as well –
I never could have said goodbye
to one I loved so well.

Alone, but never quite alone
I face an empty chair –
But sometimes in the silence
I imagine YOU are there.

My companion for so many years
no longer here with me –
And yet in some mysterious way
you keep me company.

(In Loving Memory Dad)

If we had all the world to give
we’d give it, yes, and more –
To hear his voice, see his smile
and greet him at the door.

But all we can do, dear Dad
is go and tend your grave –
And leave behind tokens of love
to the best Dad God made.

(In Loving Memory Dad)

Dad is gone but not forgotten
and, as dawns another year –
In lonely hours of thinking
thoughts of him, are always near.

Many think the wound is healed
but little they know the sorrow
That lies in the heart concealed.

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