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Although we smile
and make no fuss ..
No one misses
him more than us.
And when old
times we oft recall ..
Then we miss
them most of all.
Time can change
many things ..
But not the memory
this day brings.
His life was full
of kindly deeds ..
A helping hand
to all in need.
Sincere and true
in heart and mind ..
A memory sweet
he left behind.
It seems so strange
That those we need
And those we loved the best ..
Are just the ones
God calls away and takes
Them home to rest.
God knows how we miss her
Never shall her memory fade ..
Loving thoughts shall wander
To the spot where she is laid.
Sweet is his memory
Dear is his name ..
Deep in our hearts
He will always remain.
(In Loving Memory Mom)
Things I feel most deeply

Are the hardest things to say ..
Dearest Mom I loved you
in a very special way.
If I could have one lifetime wish
one dream that could come true ..
I’d pray to God with all my heart
for yesterday and you.
Missing you deeply.
Death leaves a heartache
no one can heal ..
Your love leaves a memory
no one can steal.
Sadly missed
Since I was a little child
in all that I’ve been through ..
you’ve always been my hero
no one stood as tall as you.
I loved you as a little child
and now that I am grown ..
I share those lessons you taught me
with children of my own.
(In Loving Memory Dad)
If we had all the world to give

we’d give it yes and more ..
to hear his voice, see his smile
and greet him at the door.
But all we can do, dear Dad
is go and tend your grave ..
and leave behind tokens of love
to the best Dad, that God made.
It isn’t what we write
it isn’t what we say ..
it’s how we feel inside
as we think of you each day.
I often lay awake at night
when the world is fast asleep ..
and take a walk down memory lane
with tears upon my cheek.

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You never said I’m leaving
you never said goodbye ..
You were gone before I knew it
and only God knew why.
A million times I needed you
a million times I cried ..
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly
in death I love you still ..
In my heart you hold a place
that no one could ever fill.
It broke my heart to lose you
but you didn’t go alone ..
For part of me went with you
the day God took you home.
(In Loving Memory Birthday Mom)
No saddened day has passed us by

since opening Heaven’s door ..
No moment without memory
of kindness, love and more.
We miss you Mom, but know that you
the angels safely keep ..
until we meet again, Mom
in peace, they’ll watch your sleep.
Your life was a blessing
and your memory a treasure ..
you are loved beyond words
and missed beyond measure.
Forever in our thoughts and hearts.
Just twenty flowers
in our bouquet ..
Just twenty years
you’d be today.
It broke our hearts to lose you
But to stay only brought you pain ..
Tears of love will never wake you
God bless you, son, till we meet again.
We never need a special day
To bring you to our mind ..
For days without a thought of you
Are very hard to find.
We cannot send a birthday card
Your hand we cannot touch ..
But God will take our greetings
To the one we love so much.
Thinking of you on your birthday
With sadness in our hearts ..
For a very special someone
From whom we had to part.
Another birthday
another year ..
With precious memories
of one so dear.
Thoughts today
of our lives together
Hold a love ..
that will live forever.
All my life I will miss you
As the years come and go ..
But in my heart, you’ll live forever
Because I love you so.
As I opened my eyes this morning
I looked to the heavens above ..
I whispered, ‘Happy Birthday Babe
And sent you all my love.
Your book of life stands open
At its most important page ..
May good luck be by your side
On this your Coming of Age.
Happy Birthday to you
We send our love today ..
Please look down upon us
And pray for us always
If tears could wash
away our pain ..
We would not feel
such hurt again.
The heartbreak felt
Since you’ve been gone ..
We wouldn’t wish
on anyone.
But today is your birthday
So we’ll have to be brave ..
And accept God’s taken
What first He gave.
(In Loving Memory Birthday Mom)
Put your arms around her Lord

Don’t leave her on her own ..
For today it is my Mom’s birthday
Her first away from home.
Thinking of you on your birthday
We talk of you still ..
We haven’t forgotten you
And we never will.
Tears instead of wishes
Flowers instead of cards ..
You left us precious memories
That will stay within our hearts.


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