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For My Daughter In Heaven Poem

In loving memory of my Daughter in Heaven poem. Missing my Daughter in Heaven poem. Heartfelt Daughter grief poems for the loss of daughter poems for coping the death of a child and to remember a loved one.

death of a daughter grief poems

Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

My Tiny Butterfly

The moment I knew about you
formed a bond that will never break –
This tiny life I have inside
from me no-one could take.

My joy increased, I felt you grow
as weeks went quickly by –
Then one blessed day, I felt you move
‘A tiny butterfly’

It made me laugh, it made me cry.
I’m unable to explain –
I’ve never known such happiness
I did not foresee the pain.

At the moment of birth, I held you close
I looked into those eyes –
I saw myself, I saw your soul
A bond that never dies.

The years went by so quickly
from when I held you at my breast –
To watch you grow to a beautiful woman
and finally leave the nest.

You made me proud of who you are
and all that you have done –
You often reached beyond the stars
to find your goals and won.

You left this life so quickly
and I am left to mourn –
Yet precious memories fill my heart
since the day that you were born.

This bond that even death can’t break
will keep you here close by –
But I feel such pain and miss you
my ‘Tiny Butterfly’

By – Ann Lundrigan

We are sad within our memory
lonely are our hearts today –
For the daughter we loved so dearly
has been forever called away.

We think of her in silence
no eye may see us weep –
But many silent tears are shed
when others are asleep.

In a World of peace and joy
where gentle breezes blow –
Lives a Daughter who was so kind
everybody loved her so.

Now that it’s Christmastime
the memories are so clear –
Of all the happiness we’d share
at this special time of year.

Precious darling daughter
forever softly sleeping –
May the Christmas Angels
hold you safely in their keeping.

Dearly Missed.

Our darling has gone
to the angels above –
Where there’s nothing
but happiness, joy and love.

Gone from this world
so full of strife –
Back to the God
who gave her life.

So let us not grieve
or wish her back again –
To go through the sorrows
that come to all men.

But rejoice that God chose
our sweet flower for His own –
And has taken her back
to His Heavenly home.

In loving memory of my beautiful Daughter. I will never forget you. Not even for a moment!

She was only a little white rosebud
a sweet little flower from birth –
God took her home to Heaven
before she was soiled on earth.

Sweet little flower
of heavenly birth –
She was too fair
to bloom on earth.
And, oh, the wrench
an angel came –
And took our dear
child home.

Her bright eyes
and beautiful face
are so pleasant to recall –
She had a loving word for each
and died beloved by all.

She was taken without any warning
Her going left hearts filled with pain –
But though she is gone from amongst us
in our hearts she will always remain.

The depths of sorrow
we cannot tell –
Of the loss of one
we loved so well.

And while she sleeps
a peaceful sleep –
Her memory we
shall always keep.

There is a mother who misses you sadly
and finds the time long since you went –
And I think of you daily and hourly
but try to be brave and content.

But the tears that I shed in silence
and breathe a sigh of regret –
For you were mine, and I remember
though all the world may forget.

(Birthday Daughter In Heaven Poem)

To lose a Daughter
who meant so much
is difficult to bear –
It seems so unbelievable
so cruel and so unfair.

And now that, your birthday’s here
it’s so hard to hide the pain –
What it would mean to hear your voice
and see your smile again.

So there will be no gifts this year
because, you’re not here to see –
It’s somehow hard to understand
why certain things must be.

But, you will live on forever
in the hearts of those you touched
For you’re someone very special
who was loved so much.

We didn’t know that morning
the pain that day would bring –
When a golden heart stopped beating
and I couldn’t do a thing.

No words can heal the heartache
or stop a silent tear –
Or take away the memories, of
a Daughter we loved so dear.

Your resting place I visit
the flowers I place with care –
But nothing compares
to the pain we feel
when we turn and
leave you there.

Special Daughter

So many special thoughts of you
and memories fill my heart –
Our love for you, will last forever
even though we are apart.

(Daughter In Heaven Poem)

The Heavenly gates stood open
that long and painful day –
Farewells were left unspoken
as you slowly slipped away.

Beautiful memories of you
sprayed with a million tears –
How we wish, God had spared you
for, just a few more years.

Thank you for the love you gave us.
Thank you for the love we shared –
We only pray that when you left
you knew how much we cared.

Time slips by
and life goes on –
But from our hearts
you’re never gone.

We think about your always
we talk about you too –
We have so many memories
but we wish we still had you.

The first thing that I asked the lord
was, just the reason why? –
When he took my precious daughter
beyond the stars and sky.

As we held on to her body
I started to scream and shout –
Was this God, so really kind
as people, were making out?

But my anger then turned to sadness
as we held her in our arms –
She was still our beautiful Daughter
an angel, with all her charms.

It was then I started to wonder
as my eyes filled up to cry –
Was my Angel needed elsewhere
and is that the reason why?


I’m nearly at your resting place
and just as I get near –
I swear I hear your voice cry out
look – I’m over here.

I’ve brought you pretty flowers
beautiful girl, they’re just for you –
I’ll only be a minute now
to get water, and I’ll be through.

As I walk across the grass
and place the flowers in the pot –
I say to God, forgive me lord
but, I miss her such a lot.

They say that everything that’s wished
comes to those who wait –
I wish I could gather you, in my arms
and run out of that gate.

It’s hard to express how much I miss you
how I think of you, each time I awake –
How each day stretches endlessly on-wards
how much more, can this broken heart take.

I knew from the moment I saw you
just how much a mother could love –
That day you came into my heart
and I thanked the dear lord up above.

But now you have been taken away
the house seems so empty and bare –
Each room a constant reminder
and I still hear your foot on the stair.

Now all I have left is a memory
but I thank the dear lord up above –
For giving what seemed, a short time
A wonderful daughter to love.

There’s a special Angel in Heaven
that is a part of me –
It is not where I wanted her
but where God wanted her to be.

She was here just a moment
like a night time shooting star –
And though she is in Heaven
she isn’t very far.

She touched the hearts of many
like only, an Angel can do –
I would’ve held her every minute
if the end, I only knew.

So I send this special message
to Heaven up above –
Please take care of my angel
and send her all my love!

There’s a place in our hearts
no one can fill –
We miss you dear Daughter
and we always will.

Farewell, dear babe
to both our hearts so dear –
Often we’ll bathe
your memory, with a tear.

Short was your life
but long is your rest –
God called you soon
because, He saw it best.

A ray of sunshine
came and went –
A beautiful treasure
only lent.

In God’s keeping
quietly sleeps –
This daughter, we loved
but, could not keep.

We lost a Daughter
with a heart of gold –
Worth more to us
than wealth untold.

From earthly toil
to heavenly rest –
God took our Daughter
one of the best.

She was so very special
and was so from the start –
you held her in your arms
but mainly in your heart.

And like a single drop of rain
that on still waters fall –
Her life did ripples make
and touched the lives of all.

She’s gone to play with angels
in heaven up above –
So keep your special memories
and treasure them with love.

Although your darling daughter
was with you just a while
She’ll live on in your heart
with a sweet remembered smile.

Two smiling eyes stopped shining
your golden heart stood still –
We don’t know why God took you
and I guess we never will.

He only lent you to us
then came and took you away –
I miss and love you so much
and my heart’s heavy today.

To us you were everything
far more precious than water –
A caring, thoughtful sister
A darling, loving daughter.

Angels in heaven
all robed in white –
Were playing one day
in the garden of light.

And Jesus came smiling
and said to his band –
‘Here’s another playmate
take her hand.

A bud the Gardener gave us.
a pure and lovely child –
He gave it to our keeping
to cherish undefiled.

And just as it was opening
to the glory of the day –
Down came the heavenly Father
and took our bud away.

Don’t think of her as gone away
Her journey’s just begun –
Life holds so many facets
this earth is only one.

Just think of her as resting
from the sorrows and the tears –
In a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and years.

Think how she must be wishing
that we could know today –
How nothing but our sadness
can really pass away

And think of her as living
in the hearts of those she touched –
For nothing loved is ever lost
and she was loved so much.

This special girl
so meek and mild –
Was Heaven’s
very special child.

Although you were with us
for such a short while –
We will never forget
your happy, bright smile.

A ray of sunshine
came and went –
A beautiful treasure
only lent.

In God’s keeping
she quietly sleeps –
This Daughter we loved
but could not keep.

Gentle Jesus
up above –
Give our baby
all our love.

Plant kisses on
our baby’s cheek –
Tell her they’re
hers to keep.

We lost a daughter
with a heart of gold –
Worth more to us
than wealth untold.

From earthly toil
to heavenly rest –
God took our Daughter
one of the best.



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