A Widow’s Lament | Grief Poems

A Widow’s Lament
(Grief Poems)

The deep purple sky
signals evening is nigh
as the sun sets in the west ..
In dark shadows of night
as my soul takes flight
I am no closer to my quest.

With spring’s return
though I fervently yearn
I still exist,only to weep ..
In the hot summer breeze
I feel winter’s freeze
as I long for blessed sleep.

Though fall’s colors are bold
I feel somber and old
I deride the beauty shone ..
With winter’s snow
and cold winds that blow
I shudder and weep alone.

Sunshine or rain
it is always the same
There is silence in my lonely room ..
It is only in dreams
or so it seems
your presence,banishes the gloom.

My deck of cards are played
as the sun begins to fade
Now the moon withholds its light ..
The stars disappear
No sympathetic ears to hear
as I go into the dark night.

My time will come
when my life’s work is done
and I hasten to your side ..
You have but to wait
at heaven’s open gate
and with YOU, I will forever abide.

A Woman’s Prayer | Grief Poems

A Woman’s Prayer
(Grief Poems)

Dear Lord,
no matter how
I try it seems ..
I still fall short
to grasp the dream.

My heart hurts so
I cannot cry ..
And though I fail
I still will try.

Each day anew
and not look back ..
To feel the pain
no lets loose track.

All I want
a mothers place ..
A home that’s calm
a love that’s graced.

A haven rest
a peaceful realm ..
with my dear Lord
safe at the helm.

Those in my life
to whom I turn ..
Help me to
forgive the spurn.

When trials come
a braver heart ..
A love that will
not stray or start.

Attend O Lord to
this my prayer ..
And help me feel
that you are there.

When I must bear
a broken heart ..
Help me not
to fall apart.

Being There | Child Loss Grief Poems

Being There
(Child Loss Grief Poems)

Do you know of someone
Whose precious child has died?
Perhaps she is a neighbor or friend
With whom you can confide.

You assume that she is suffering
A tragedy so deep ..
That there is nothing you can do
Since all she does is weep.

You feel that if you see her
There is nothing you can say ..
that would make her precious child
come back, or make pain go away.

And if by chance you meet her
And have to face her grief ..
You’ll do your very best
To make this meeting brief.

You’ll talk about the weather
or the lady down the lane ..
But you’ll never mention her child
That would cause her too much pain!

And when the funeral is over
And all is said and done ..
You’ll go home to your family
And she’ll be all alone.

She’ll go on, she’ll be all right
time heals or so it seems ..
While she’s left alone to pick up the pieces
of her shattered life and dreams.

… OR …

You can open up your heart
And find that special place ..
where compassion and true giving
Are awaiting your embrace.

‘Today I’m thinking of you
in a very special way,’ ..
Or, how about ‘I love you!.’
Are some loving things to say.

Sometimes a very simple task
like picking up the phone ..
can help her feel not-so-quite
Desperately alone.

Whatever comes from a genuine heart
can not be said in vain ..
For the truth is, it’s these very things
that lessen her great pain.

And when you let her talk about her child
Who is now dead but in Heaven ..
You’ll know this is far greater
than anything you’ve said.

So will you reach out with all your soul
And let her know you care? ..
For in the end there’s no substitute
For simply BEING THERE!

What Now? | Grief Poems

What Now?
(Grief Poems)

Twilight is past and darkness reigns
The mem’ries of light, too, fade ..
The future predicts unbridled pain
For me .. a masquerade.

Awake, I face fate’s cruel test
Of bearing one more day ..
The absence of your loving breast
And your sweet bouquet.

Love is strong, yet can’t deny
The embers that remain ..
Will fail to soothe my mournful sigh
Which I cannot contain.

My days are spent as one destroyed
And wondering without hope ..
Of why I cannot fill this void
And why I cannot cope.

‘Til death doth claim me and my soul
I shall love thee still ..
‘Til then it is my lonesome role
To accept God’s will.

– Stephen Fleharty