What Now? | Grief Poems

What Now?
(Grief Poems)

Twilight is past and darkness reigns
The mem’ries of light, too, fade ..
The future predicts unbridled pain
For me .. a masquerade.

Awake, I face fate’s cruel test
Of bearing one more day ..
The absence of your loving breast
And your sweet bouquet.

Love is strong, yet can’t deny
The embers that remain ..
Will fail to soothe my mournful sigh
Which I cannot contain.

My days are spent as one destroyed
And wondering without hope ..
Of why I cannot fill this void
And why I cannot cope.

‘Til death doth claim me and my soul
I shall love thee still ..
‘Til then it is my lonesome role
To accept God’s will.

– Stephen Fleharty