A Woman’s Prayer | Grief Poems

A Woman’s Prayer
(Grief Poems)

Dear Lord,
no matter how
I try it seems ..
I still fall short
to grasp the dream.

My heart hurts so
I cannot cry ..
And though I fail
I still will try.

Each day anew
and not look back ..
To feel the pain
no lets loose track.

All I want
a mothers place ..
A home that’s calm
a love that’s graced.

A haven rest
a peaceful realm ..
with my dear Lord
safe at the helm.

Those in my life
to whom I turn ..
Help me to
forgive the spurn.

When trials come
a braver heart ..
A love that will
not stray or start.

Attend O Lord to
this my prayer ..
And help me feel
that you are there.

When I must bear
a broken heart ..
Help me not
to fall apart.