A Widow’s Lament | Grief Poems

A Widow’s Lament
(Grief Poems)

The deep purple sky
signals evening is nigh
as the sun sets in the west ..
In dark shadows of night
as my soul takes flight
I am no closer to my quest.

With spring’s return
though I fervently yearn
I still exist,only to weep ..
In the hot summer breeze
I feel winter’s freeze
as I long for blessed sleep.

Though fall’s colors are bold
I feel somber and old
I deride the beauty shone ..
With winter’s snow
and cold winds that blow
I shudder and weep alone.

Sunshine or rain
it is always the same
There is silence in my lonely room ..
It is only in dreams
or so it seems
your presence,banishes the gloom.

My deck of cards are played
as the sun begins to fade
Now the moon withholds its light ..
The stars disappear
No sympathetic ears to hear
as I go into the dark night.

My time will come
when my life’s work is done
and I hasten to your side ..
You have but to wait
at heaven’s open gate
and with YOU, I will forever abide.