My Sister | In Loving Memory Sister Poems

My Sister
(Sister Poems)

Your ear to ear smile
brought joy to us all ..
As my sister you knew
just what to say, when
I felt worthless
you helped me stand tall.

Now you have gone how I hated that day
I feel my life has been torn apart ..
You taught me how to be strong, loving and wise
I know you live on, inside of my heart.

Though everyday a part of me dies
but when I think of you it helps me go on ..
So I thank you for all the love you have
I still can’t believe that you are now gone.

When you left you were so little and brave.

Not only were you
my sister and friend ..
But you always had
a hand to lend.

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In Loving Memory Sister | My Sister, Wait For Me

My Sister, Wait For Me
In Loving Memory Poems – Sister

I took your picture from the wall
just so I can see ..
How beautiful my Sister is
and hold her close to me.

To soon, so young to have to die
why did she have to go ..
So much to give, so full of life
I guess I’ll never know

I know I can’t have you back
but my Sister can you wait
for me, when my time ends on earth
by the stairs, at Heaven’s Gate.

By – Toni Kane

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Memorial Poems For Sister | To My Sister

To My Sister
(Memorial Poems For Sister)

Thou’rt sleeping calmly in thy tomb
While I from day to day ..
Still blunder on amid the gloom
Of life’s uncertain way.

Thou’rt resting here in perfect peace
Kind Heaven favored thee ..
In that it willed thee quick release
From all the cares that be.

But thou wert ne’er a child of earth
Ne’er like the noisy crowd ..
Who clustered round our father’s hearth
Thy voice was never loud.

And sometimes when the moon at night
Shines through the open door ..
And casts a belt of silver light
Across our humble floor.

I fancy then, my sister dear
That back to earth and me ..
Thy spirit floats; I feel thee near
Though thee I cannot see.

I stretch vain arms that would enfold
Thee in a fond embrace ..
Forgetting long, long, years have rolled
Since I beheld thy face.

‘Twas well thou could’st not long remain
Where care would be thy lot ..
Nor would I have thee back again
God knows, dear, I would not.

In vain in thought I backward stray
And search from year to year ..
To record find of e’en a day
Unclouded by a care.

Joy never twined a wreath for me
In May-day’s sunniest hours ..
But sorrow’s tares were safe to be
In woven with the flowers.

It hovers o’er me through the night
And robs me of my rest ..
Nor flies when morning sunbeams light
The dew on nature’s breast.

But storms may beat about thy grave
And rage above thy head ..
It frets thee not how winds may rave
Safe in thy silent bed.

And I could oft without regret
Resign each cherished scheme ..
And rest with thee, so care beset
And weary do I seem.

But not while shines an harvest sun
Must slumber come to me ..
At eve, with full day’s labor done
Sweeter the rest will be.

By – Louisa Lawson

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