My Precious Loved One | In Loving Memory Poems

My Precious Loved One
(In Loving Memory Poems)

I sat amongst the dregs
Of a life that seemed unfair ..
I felt my spirit falling
Into a deep pit of despair.

Then an angel voice spoke softly
so very fair and sweet ..
She asked me of my sadness
and the cause of my defeat.

I couldn’t find the answer
But she could read my mind ..
She knew how much I missed you
Though the words I couldn’t find.

With understanding wisdom
She sought gently to part ..
The sweetest words of sympathy
She began to heal my heart.

I don’t know where she came from
Maybe you sent her for me ..
The pain and hurt inside my heart
She took and set it free.

So though I deeply miss you
My most precious lost loved one ..
I must go on with my life
And see you when it’s done.