Together Again | In Loving Memory Poems

Together Again
(In Loving Memory Poems)

Angles came to take you home
they took you by the hand ..
For your return unto our Lord
was always the Master’s plan.

Your tests on earth are over
and your at your final rest ..
The Lord has met you with a smile
for giving life your best.

Your memory will forever live
in hearts that loved you dear ..
Through your strength and guidance
your spirit will be near.

For you taught us of compassion
to trust and being kind ..
Though our love went with you
you left your love behind.

You left your love to guide us
in our journey upon earth ..
You taught us of our purpose
and what our spirits worth.

You taught us understanding
and what its meant to care ..
You left behind your wisdom
for all of us to share.

You life has been our guiding light
that has led the way ..
And we will use the things
you left in our lives each day.

We will meet in paradise
when our work comes to an end ..
And in our Father’s Kingdom
we’ll be together once again.