Tunnel Of Light | Death Poems

Tunnel Of Light
(Death Poems)

The tunnel of light
is shinning bright ..
I enter in, without
worry or fright.

Time for me will
cease no more ..
As I walk upon
that golden shore.

As I am lifted up thru
the mist out of sight ..
I come to the light
that shines so bright.

All around the
angels gather ..
My soul feel light
just like a feather.

They welcome me
with open arms ..
They tell me I am free
from worldly harms.

They take me down
the streets of gold ..
And show me all
the wonders to behold.

They tell me to rest
my loved ones I’ll see ..
They been waiting
a long time for me.

There they are
I see them now ..
and each one wears
a golden crown.

I see Mom and Dad
my children too ..
they smile and say
welcome home, we’ve
been waiting for you.