Last Kiss | Female In Loving Memory Poems

Last Kiss
(Female In Loving Memory Poems)

Her laugh, her love
her smile, her kiss ..
All that she is
forever I’ll miss.

I’ve one last chance
to say good-bye ..
then she’ll go to heaven
up high in the sky.

She’ll leave this earth
where her body remains ..
She’ll ascend to the heavens
liberated from pain.

I just can’t understand
why she has to die ..
And all of this happened
in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know if I can
but I have no choice ..
gone is her smile,
her laugh, and her voice.

My shattered heart
with my one final kiss ..
Why does her life
have to end like this.

With the flick of a switch
her final breath ..
My love, my life
my kiss of death.