Loss Of Wife Death Poem

Loss Of Wife Death Poem

Loss Of Wife Death Poems

In Loving Memory Wife

You are not forgotten, my love
nor will you ever be –
As long as life and memory last
your soul will live in me.

I’ll miss you now
my heart is sore –
As time goes by
I’ll miss you more.

Your loving smile
your gentle face –
No one can fill
your vacant place.

In Memory Of A Wonderful Wife

I can picture a heavenly, faraway place
on a day that is sunny and fair –
me and my darling, snuggled up close
just sitting, enjoying the air.

Laughing and joking and sipping fine wine
and watching small clouds drifting on –
Sifting old memories, thinking nice thoughts
all heartache and sadness long gone.

I know you’ll be there love, still waiting for me
some day when my life is all done –
And what could be better than this at the end?
your smile and a seat in the sun

I have lost my souls companion
a life linked with my own –
And day by day I miss her more
as I walk through life alone.

Husband To An Angel

Echoes reaching
through the years –
Sounds sublime
caress my ears.

Ballads of
a garden bird –
Babies’ giggles
softly heard.

Still I crave
my dearest choice –
What I wouldn’t give
to hear Her voice.

Rainbows bent
in summer skies –
Misty hues
that stun my eyes.

Trees in autumn
limbs aglow –
Moonlit shadows
on drifted snow.

A vision longed for
in their place –
What I wouldn’t give
to see Her face.

Essence fashioned
from the rose –
Breaths of pleasure
fill my nose.

Linens fresh
upon the bed –
Wines bouquet
inside my head.

What fragrance missing
could compare –
What I wouldn’t give
to smell Her hair.

Sensations I have
begged to linger –
Contours felt
with every finger.

Ocean surf curled
’round my feet –
My body bare
on satin sheet.

An awareness gone
I loved so much –
What I wouldn’t give
to feel Her touch.

Chocolate sipped
in cold December –
A thousand flavors
I remember.

Honey spooned
upon my tongue –
Ice cream cones
when I was young.

The sweetness lost
I’ll always miss –
What I wouldn’t give
to taste Her kiss.

– John Matheson
Copyright August 1,1999

Beautiful are memories
of a moonlit night with you –
The spark of love we lit
and all the world felt new.

My heart told me I’d known you
in times so long ago –
Something deep inside me
had set my soul aglow.

Soul-mates re-united
bound by the ties of past –
Through each and every age
this perfect love will last.

So at our journey’s end
and the time has come to part –
An endless cord of love
will link us heart to heart.

As I journey toward life’s sunset
mourning her who went before –
Faith assures me, I’ll be with her
when I reach the other shore.

In Memory Of My Dear Wife

To lose someone so special
is very hard to bear –
It’s just so hard to comprehend
that you’re no longer there.

Yet somehow I feel comfort
in the memories I keep –
Knowing that you’re resting now
in deep, eternal sleep.

It broke my heart to lose you
although you’re not really gone –
Because a part of me went with you
and in me, you linger on.

My dearest Wife, I know we’ve said
our final sad goodbye –
But deep inside my heart I know
our love will never die.

You were a wife in a million
why did you have to go –
You meant the world to me
I really loved you so.

If I had one choice today
my choice would not be hard –
I’d wish that I could have you here
to give you a birthday card.

I Miss You My Wife

I think about you always
I talk about you still –
You have never been forgotten
and you never will.

I hold you close within my heart
And there you will remain –
To walk with me through my life
Until we meet again.

The tide recedes but leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand –
The sun goes down, but gentle
warmth still lingers on the land.

The music stops, and yet it echoes
on in sweet refrains –
For every joy that passes
something beautiful remains.

In Memory Of My Beloved Wife

Those we love remain with us
for love itself lives on –
And cherished memories never fade
because a loved one’s gone

My Beloved

We never got to say good-bye
Still I live with no regret –
For I can’t recall, can you my love?
The day where we’d forget.

To reaffirm those bonds we made,
Often subtle in the ways –
Inviting smiles a knowing touch
Adding promise to our days.

Days of joy and some with tears
Those many years we shared –
Yet seldom came a sunset
That it wasn’t known we cared.

Love expressed as more than habit
Instead confessed sincere –
Endearments offered from our hearts
How many did we hear?

We made no wounds with bitter words
No scars were left behind –
The love we knew, so strong yet gentle
Was never that unkind.

I speak of we but it was You
Who lifted us above –
The heartache life would sometimes bring
How Grand! You were to love.

I’ll keep Your memory in my heart
Till last I close these eyes –
The day I pray You’ll light my way
To a Realm of, ” No Good-byes “.

– John Matheson

Partings come
and hearts are broken –
Loved ones go
with words unspoken.

Deep in our hearts
there’s a memory kept –
For a wife and mother
we will never forget.

For My Dear Wife In Heaven

They say there is a reason
they say time will heal –
Neither time or reason
will change the way I feel.

Gone are the days
we used to share –
But in my heart
you are always there.

The gates of memories
will never close –
I miss you more
than anybody knows.

I love and miss you sweetheart
’till we meet again.