Funny Poems – Young At Heart

Young At Heart

(Funny Poems)

Another birthday over, yet I don’t feel old,

And I don’t look my age, so I’m told.

No gray hairs yet, no wrinkles, no lines,

A few pounds too heavy, but I don’t mind.

My memory is still good, sharp as a pin,

My eyes are okay, no need to complain.

I still have my humor, a little sarcasm and wit,

Though my response is slower, I must admit.

A few aches and pains, here and there,

More sagging than uplift, but I don’t care.

My attitude is positive most of the time,

Optimistic even, is my state of mind.

I can stay out till dawn, dance the night away,

Though I pay a high price, the next day.

I can still turn heads, a whistle here and there,

Walk tall and proud without a care.

Growing old is something we all face,

And society tells us to do it with grace.

But something I heard, stuck in my head,

“stuff society, you’re a long time dead”.

By –  Carol Prince