Funny Poems – Banana Zoo

Banana Zoo

(Funny Poems)

Should you behold Banana Zoo

you’re sure of a big surprise

for there you’ll see Ken Kangaroo

with odd-shaped, kaleidoscope eyes

and Terry the Tapir and Gerald Giraffe

showin’ off their skills as dowsers

and Sid the Zookeeper with a halibut scarf

and goldfishes pinned to his trousers.

There’s Venomous Vince, the variegated viper,

pole vaultin’ in one-legged jeans

and Peccary Pete the porcine sniper

with his blowpipe and haricot beans.

there’s Gertie the Gibbon and Maureen Macaque

solicitin’ in suspenders and bras,

and Lewis the Lion who diets on wrack

and keeps turquoise tadpoles in jars.

And should you get stuck in Banana Zoo,

where the purple striped Aardvark

plays skiffle,

I know a good shrink

who will help pull you through,

for there’s no such place

-it’s piffle!

By – Ephraim Crud