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Beautiful Daughter Poems

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A Beautiful Daughter

This daughter of mine
is a little outrageous –
With the sweetest of smiles
and a laugh so contagious.

She’s the light of my life
the joy in my day –
She’s simply the best
in every way.

Mother Daughter Poems

The Hands Of Time

Memories of so long ago
still fill my mind with
thoughts that show me –
– scenes when you were
just a little girl.

I lie awake and contemplate
thoughts, keep keeping, me awake
and I wonder, if I did my very best.

As I dwell upon, my past mistakes
I’ve caused so many, hearts to break –
– that’s just one thing, I can’t, make up for.

What I would give to unwind
to rectify, back in time
and feel you’re little hand
again in mine.

To cherish each, fast, brief day
to hold you close and hug away –
– each pain, that life will serve at you.

And try to give you, so much more
than I ever, did before and to never
make, the same mistakes again.

A part of you, will always be
embedded in the soul of me –
– And while I’m still here, I want to say
I’ve loved you, each and every day
but I can’t go back and take away,
all the unjust things, that I have done –
– but I’ve loved every moment
of being your mum.

By – Toni Kane

Mother Daughter Poems

My First Born

My first born baby, a little girl
to a first time mother –
I had no Idea what to do
as we looked on at one another.

It was so strange to look and see
this baby girl belonged to me –
and to know what I should do next.

I had no idea how to be,
as nothing they said, came natural, to me.

With your tiny body, upon my chest
was there we met and you tried your best
to look straight, into my eyes.

So filled with a joy, you can’t replace
as tears of joy, streamed down my face,
I remember like it was just yesterday.

So many happy tears I cried,
my heart and soul, filled up with pride.
and some things, have never changed.

My love for you, started way back when
I knew your life, had just began,
and since then and forever more.

Mother Daughter Poems

No Matter What Distance

This promise that I made, to you
with all my heart, in all you do.
I will keep, as I have done
right from the start –

– Is that no matter how far apart
I’ll carry you, within my heart
and that is how I carry on, today.

I cannot say, it feels good to know
that you want to leave, explore and go,
to find that place, where you belong –

– but it does make me feel proud, to see,
your strength, as you go confidently –
– to places I go, only in my mind.

You set a goal, as you do,
and I know, that you will follow through,
and that alone makes you courageous.

Life shoves us through, so many stages,
some awful and some advantageous –
– It’s through experience, that we learn.

We only learn, what’s right and wrong,
through our mistakes, as we go along.

As we walk the path, throughout our lives
no matter at what place, you arrive –
– know I’m always, close to your side.

And will be, forever more.
By – Toni Kane

Beautiful Daughter Poems

My Precious Daughter

The span from childhood to adult
may have seemed quite long, indeed –
but to me it came swift and fast
at fleeting, breakneck speed.

A precious, adorable baby
a girl, cute as could be –
And now you’re all grown up
as you stand there before me.

Your adventures will be many
As you walk along life’s road –
Some will be light and easy
whilst others, a heavy load.

Although I don’t see you as often
I think of you, every day –
Angels will protect and guide you,
as you go along your way.
By Toni Kane

Beautiful Daughter Poems

The Strength Of A Daughter

You’ll admire this girl
for her charm and passion –
unrivaled in wit
unmatched in compassion.

A surrendered youth
from unjust wrongs –
Alone and detached
from where she belongs.

Broken and bruised
destroyed and shattered –
Ravaged by loss, from all
that had mattered.

A victim of circumstance
darkness was cast –
Tormented and heartbroken
from all that had passed.

Out of the darkness
shadowed by night –
emerged a beautiful butterfly
searching for light.

With scars on her wings,
down deep in her skin –
fragments and remnants
from hurting within.

Her essence for living
and will to sustain –
with honor and faith
she navigates through the pain.

She deserves much more respect
than what she receives –
She’s been through so much
yet still she believes.

She’s does so much good
wherever she goes –
She’s lived through much grief
that nobody knows.

By – Toni Kane

Daughter Poems

My Daughter My Friend

Not my first and not my last
somewhere in between –
The cutest face, the prettiest smile
I’d ever seen.

Charismatic and captivating
a boyish girl so wise –
Comical and fascinating
with beautiful sparkling eyes.

Funny and expressive
quick-witted and so bright –
Her acute sense of brilliance
was her mother’s delight.

Making the serious laugh
with her priceless words –
So delightfully entertaining
the funniest I’ve heard.

So caring and friendly
devoted to cause –
A guardian angel
no want for applause.

A savior of animals
a hugger of trees –
A compassionate helper
with all that she sees.

Outraged by people
with no compassion –
She’ll fight with intent
and hate with a passion.

She’s expressive and magnetic
but don’t do her wrong –
She’ll beat you right back
to where you belong.

She’s traveled a path
of heartbreak and grief –
At a tender young age
but held onto belief.

She won’t be defeated
by an opposing call –
She’s accustomed to grief
she’s been through it all.

A beautiful daughter
a true godsend –
A savior, a treasure
a faithful friend.

By Toni Kane

Best Daughter Poems

There’s This Girl

There’s a beautiful girl
she is my daughter –
She’s the love of my life
more precious than water.

She’s charming and sweet
loving and kind –
The nicest you’ll meet
or will ever find.

When someone asks me
your daughter is where?
I proudly point, and say
that is her, there.

I am so lucky
with a daughter so fine –
and ever so proud
that you’re a daughter of mine.

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