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Poems For Daughters

Your Smile Brightens Up My Day Lovely Daughter Poetry

Daughter Poems

My Daughter

My Daughter means the world to me
So much on earth for her to see.

One day I’ll take her by the hand
and travel far across the land.

She grows a little every day,
I guide and navigate her way.

She blooms like flowers in the spring
she truly is the sweetest thing.

Mother Daughter Poems

Mothers And Daughters

Embedded in eyes
tender hugs, long good-byes
a love, moms and daughters know –
It’s in their loving ways
through passing moments and days
a friendship that continues to grow.

Throughout each one’s lives
the joy each derives, in just
knowing, that the other is there –
To care and understand
lend an ear, or a hand, and
celebrate the memories they share.

Daughter Poem

Always My Baby

Your smile brightens up my day
your kisses melt my heart –
You are my priceless treasure
as you have been from the start.

In my heart a you fill a place
that no other will see –
Even when you’re all but grown
my baby, you will be.

Daughter Birthday Poem

A Precious Daughter

A daughter is a blessing,
a treasure from above –
She’s charming cute and precious
and comes with so much love.

A daughter brings so much joy
a warmth down deep inside –
As she grows and blossoms
filling lives and hearts with pride.

With every year that passes
she brings more joy than before –
Through every stage, through ever age
you can only love her more-

Daughter Poems

My Very Best

A special parent
I aspire to be –
For this little girl
that follows me.

She looks to me
with loving eyes –
She trusts that I
be strong and wise.

All to soon
she will have grown –
This precious girl
I call my own.

But until then
she’s mine to hold –
As I watch
each stage unfold.

I will endeavor to
in years fore –
Do my best
and so much more.

I’ll be everything
that I can be –
For this little girl
that follows me.


Daughter Poems

Fruit Of Mine

If little girls grew on trees
I would instantly pick you –
Because you are so full of life
and sweet all the way through.

I’d take you home and
enjoy your very sight –
And take a tiny seed from you,
and plant it overnight.

So when days pass and I would wake
guess what I could do?
I’d go outside and squeal with glee,
’cause there’d be a bushel of you!

Poem For My Daughter

To My Daughter

I miss my baby girl
who once sat on my knee –
But, I’m so very proud
of the woman I see.

Where is, my little girl?
with the soft golden curls –
Who served imaginary tea
to her daddy and me.

Now a woman all grown
who stands before me –
And I am so proud
of the woman I see.

Mother And Daughter Poems

To My Daughter

How sweet is a mother’s love
when God bestows gifts from above.

He sends you down into my arms
to fill my world with your earthly charms.

I watch you learn and grow each day
I watch you discover as you play.

You look to me with those wondering eyes
My love for you I cannot disguise.

I never knew love like this before
When your heart came beating upon my door.

Filling my days with magic it seems
Filling my nights with sweet cuddly dreams.

How I wish for you the very best
Keep all the good and discard the rest.

Protect you from all life’s pain
Dance in the sunlight and play in the rain.

You are my miracle, you’re a part of me
I am what I’ve always wanted to be.

For I am Momma to you
And you are Daughter to me.

Daughter Birthday Poems

An Angels’ Wings

Seems like, not so long ago
I watched you play and I watched you grow.

You brought us joy by being you
when skies were gray you turned them blue.

Beads and bangles and other things
you must have come on angels’ wings.

I’m so proud and I must say
a gift from God came that day.

Daughter Poem

Souls Treasure

I have no wealth of money
gifts I cannot bear –
But deep within me treasure
my soul to yours I share.

This gift can only be given
it’s not one that can be bought –
But it will last forever
A gift of perfect thought.

I accept you as you are
pure in every way –
A Unique Individual
Who makes the best of every day.

I will not judge your manner
or what you like to do –
I will see you as you are
A beauty through and through.

This the gift I give you
you may not see it now –
But someday when you are ready
this gift you will allow.

Then you will rejoice
and pass this treasure on –
This gift of perfect thought
Is really freedoms song.

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