Sister Poems | What is a Sister

What is a Sister
(Sister Poems)

She’s a friend who brings sunshine
and laughter your way
she supports you in all that you do ..
She’s been at the heart
of so many glad moments and
shares precious memories with you.
She knows how you’ve changed
how you’ve grown through the years and
she knows all that you’re dreaming of ..
she’s the comfort of family
the warm touch of home
she’s a beautiful blessings of love.

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Sister Poems | Time Will Never Change the Love We Share as Sisters

Time Will Never Change The Love We Share As Sisters
(Sister Poems)

Time has changed our secrets
and the pigtails in our hair ..
It has changed the silly arguments
and the giggles that we shared.

It has changed our childish happiness
to grown-up make-believe ..
And leaving us with little else
it has slowly changed our dreams.

Time has come along and changed
the essence of our world ..
Then finally and silently
it has changed the little girls.

But having taken away the dreams
and the simple things we shared before ..
Time has led us to the lasting things
we need each other for.

Memories of moments
that were made for us to share ..
The crazy laughter
that’s somehow always there.

The hidden corners of our lives
only we will ever know ..
And the love that becomes deeper
and sweeter as it grows.

Time changes many things
and some dreams come apart ..
But nothing can reach or change the love
for you that lives within my heart.

By – Dianna Barnett

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My Sister | In Loving Memory Sister Poems

My Sister
(Sister Poems)

Your ear to ear smile
brought joy to us all ..
As my sister you knew
just what to say, when
I felt worthless
you helped me stand tall.

Now you have gone how I hated that day
I feel my life has been torn apart ..
You taught me how to be strong, loving and wise
I know you live on, inside of my heart.

Though everyday a part of me dies
but when I think of you it helps me go on ..
So I thank you for all the love you have
I still can’t believe that you are now gone.

When you left you were so little and brave.

Not only were you
my sister and friend ..
But you always had
a hand to lend.

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Sister Poems | My Sister

My Sister
(Sister Poems)

From the time that we were little
I knew you’d always be ..
Not just a loving sister
But a caring friend to me.

A shoulder I could cry on
A helping hand in times of need ..
A cheerleader to lift me up
My angel in both word and deed.

We told each other secrets
We giggled and we cried ..
We shared our joys and sorrows
We were always side by side.

We have a very special bond
I knew it from the start ..
You’ll have my love forever
We’re sisters, heart to heart.

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