Mom Mother Poems | Only One Mother

Only One Mother
(Mom Mother Poems)

Hundreds of stars
in the pretty sky
Hundreds of shells on
the shore together ..
Hundreds of birds
that go singing by
Hundreds of lambs
in the sunny weather.

Hundreds of dewdrops
to greet the dawn
Hundreds of bees
to greet clover ..
Hundreds of butterflies
on the lawn
But only one mother
the whole world over.

By George Cooper

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Mom Memorial Poems | Mom One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind
(Mom Memorial Poems)

I know you are busy
with the good things you do ..
But if you could spare time
I’d be grateful to you

To seek out in Heaven
the one that I miss ..
And give Mom my letter
sealed with a kiss.

It wasn’t her fault
she had to go ..
Tell her don’t worry
and please let her know.

That I had a Mom
who was one of a kind
And she’ll always be
in my heart and my mind.

So please read to Mom
the words in my letter ..
And tell her I love her
and hope she is better.

And just one more thing
if it’s not too much trouble ..
Could you kindly reach out
and give Mom a cuddle.

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Waiting at Heaven’s Door
(Loss Of Mom Grief Poems)

He beckoned her
with outstretched hand –
And whispered softly
of an unknown land.

But she was not
afraid to go –
For though the path
she did not know.

She took his hand
without a fear –
For God who safely
brought her here.

Had promised He
would lead the way –
Into eternity’s
bright day.

For none of us
need go alone –
Into the valley
that is unknown.

But, guided by
our Father’s hand –
We journey to
the promised land.

She was your special
loving Mother –
You shared your lives
with one another.

And you’ll find comfort
for your grief –
In knowing her
he brought sweet relief.

For now she’s free from all
suffering and pain –
And your great loss
became her gain.

You know that her love
is with you still –
For she loved you in life
and always will.

Love like hers
can never end –
Because it is
the perfect blend.

Of joy and sorrows
smiles and tears –
That just grew stronger
with the years.

Love like hers
can never die –
For she’s taken it
with her, to the sky.

So think of Mum
as living above –
No farther away
than your undying love.

For now she is happy
and free once more –
And she’s waiting for you
at Heaven’s door.

– Helen Steiner Rice

Waiting at Heaven’s Door Loss Of Mom Grief Poems

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