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Belated Birthday Wishes Late Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Messages

  • Hope you had a truly special birthday. I know I missed your special day but, as far as I’m concerned, every day of the year is special because you were born.

  • Hope your birthday was as incredibly special to you as you are to me. Sure, I know my wishes are a little late but they are nevertheless as true as ever!

  • I hope all your birthday wishes came true. Here’s one more for good luck. A little late yet as heartfelt as ever. Happy Belated Birthday!

  • A Little Late For Your Birthday – Seems like life keeps moving faster but I keep moving slower and the more stuff I try to remember the more I find myself forgetting the really important things, like your Birthday, for instance. Sorry, I missed it, hope it was a great day!

  • I can’t believe I forgot! Hope you had a really lovely birthday.

  • I forgot your birthday So very, very sorry. I truly hope it was happy. Happy Belated Birthday

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Sorry I missed out on your special day. This is the only time you will see me apologize and be nice to you at the same time for one whole day. Make the most of it.

  • Don’t worry, forgetting your birthday isn’t a sign of a bad friendship! But it sure is a sign of a very bad memory. Happy Belated Birthday

  • A real friend takes you drinking on your birthday to make you forget your age. I forgot your birthday but we can still go drinking to forget I forgot it. Wishing you a belated happy birthday!

  • Yes, it’s true that I completely forgot your birthday but I think I should get some points for remembering I forgot it. Hope you had an incredibly wonderful special day!

  • Oh crap I missed your birthday. I wish I had a great excuse like, I was busy teaching life skills to at-risk youth, or rescuing kittens from an abandoned mine, but really I was mostly just distracted by snacks and the internet. So actually, I’m just saying sorry for being a terrible friend. Happy Birthday don’t hate me. – By Emily McDowell

  • Life is all about forgiving and forgetting. I forgot your birthday and you can forgive me. How perfect. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I really didn’t forget your Birthday! I just forgot to let you know that I remembered.

  • Don’t blame me for forgetting your birthday – After all, for me, you’re special every day! I’m sorry anyway. Happy Belated Birthday To You!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday. I didn’t forget your Birthday. I assumed you weren’t in any rush to be a year older.

  • Happy Birthday. Don’t worry, this isn’t embarrassingly late, it’s incredibly Early!

  • Sometimes my forgetter works better than my rememberer. Sorry, it’s late.

  • I didn’t forget your Birthday! I just wanted to help prolong the celebration. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I’m so mad I forgot your birthday. I can’t even look at myself. Oh who am I kidding, of course I can, I’m gorgeous.

  • Oh my goodness. Me oh my! I let your birthday just slip right by!

  • OH CRAP! I missed your birthday. I wish I had a great old excuse, like I was busy saving the world, but actually, I am just sorry for being such a terrible friend. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • At least I remembered But at your AGE I thought you’d be glad that I forgot. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Missing your Birthday. Definitely not cool! Hope it was a good one. Happy Belated Birthday

  • So sorry I missed your Birthday But let’s face it I’m unreliable like that. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday! But at your AGE I don’t suppose it matters! Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • A late Birthday card is far, far better, than a late period. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I promise I didn’t forget your Birthday, I just remembered it a little bit late. Hope you had a great day. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Your dog must have eaten the birthday card I sent to you yesterday. Wishing you a belated happy birthday

  • It is very tough to believe that you getting older, so I decided to wish you late this year. Happy Belated Birthday.

  • Yeah, I know. I’m late, but ‘Happy Birthday’. Gonna make something out of it?

  • I feel so bad about forgetting your birthday. Aren’t you going to do something to make me feel nice?

  • I would tell you the secret reason that I am late wishing you a Happy Birthday, but it’s classified information. And it’s only available on a NEED TO KNOW basis. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I would move the sun and the moon, turn back the clock for you, but violating the laws of physics seemed like overkill, so here’s your card late!

  • Happy Belated Birthday. You probably get lots of cards on your birthday, but what about after? When the balloons have withered and the cake has crumbled? Who’s thinking of you then? Who’s looking out for you when the spotlight’s off? I AM, that’s who. Me. See – I’m Not Late – I’m Sensitive!

I’m Not Late I’m just sensitive Belated Birthday Cards For Facebook

  • It feels like you just had a birthday the other day. Oh yeah, you did. Sorry, I am late. Wishing you a belated happy birthday!

  • I hope that this wish is less belated than most of the birthday wishes that I send.

  • With age comes patience. Thanks for waiting for my belated birthday wish.

  • If someone forgets your birthday take it as a compliment. You must not have aged enough to be noticed. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I have punished my calendar for not reminding me of your birthday on time. What more do you want me to do?

  • No, I didn’t forget your Birthday. I just didn’t think you’d want to be reminded.

  • You are my Friend and I have committed a great sin, by forgetting your birthday. This gives you the right to be snappy at me in every way. Be broody, don’t stop sulking and keep throwing your temper tantrums at me. I will tolerate everything as long as you forgive me.

  • It’s apparent that you have been blessed with many things on your birthday. Unfortunately, a punctual birthday message from me was not one of them. Hope you had an amazing day!

  • I didn’t really forget your special day! I just figured you deserved more than one. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I’m late. The last time I used those words I ended up with a baby. This time, I got nothing. Happy Belated Birthday

  • So, I was on my way to wish YOU a Happy Birthday, when I stopped to smell the flowers. Well one thing led to another and then BAM! –  I FORGOT! Well that’s the best excuse that I can come up with. Hope you had a BEARY nice day – Happy Belated Birthday

Hope you had a BEARY nice day Belated Card

  • If wishes were horses, mine would have come in last. So sorry. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Hope you had a happy birthday! There’s no excuse for how late I am with your birthday message, but you know I can make one up if I had to.

Happy Belated Birthday Quotes

  • Sorry, I forgot your Birthday – Can you reschedule it for sometime next week? Happy Belated Birthday

  • I can’t tell you why your birthday card is late without compromising a highly sensitive covert field operation directed by the FBI. The story I’m using is simply that, I forgot it. But, if anyone asks

    that’s what happened. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Sorry, I Forgot Your Birthday. I just remembered, I forgot to wish someone I like a lot A very happy belated birthday!

  • For someone too special to forget. Hope you had a happy day? Happy Belated Birthday

  • Belated Birthday wish for you. Seems like the perfect time to tell you that I missed your Birthday by seconds – LOTS OF SECONDS – but who’s counting? Hope you had a wonderful day.

  • Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I’m a little late, so I hope you’re on the ‘better late than never’ team. Yay for the late team!

  • I am so sorry I forgot your birthday! But, how do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look any older.

  • I know this birthday card is late, but I just wanted to give you time to catch your breath, after blowing out ALL those candles!

Although these birthday wishes will arrive a little late

Happy Belated Birthday Poems

Oh my goodness
Oh Me oh my!
I let your birthday
just slip right by!

Happy Belated Birthday

I am sorry
I am late –
For my wishes
I made you wait.

I never meant
to make you sad –
Because you’re
the best friend
I’ve ever had.

Happy Belated Birthday

I missed your birthday
it has blown me away –
I just can’t believe
I forgot your special day!

I cannot reverse this
there is nothing I can do –
But please remember, my friend
just how much I love you.

Happy Belated Birthday

I genuinely forgot your birthday
I missed it, plain and straight –
I can’t believe, that this happened
knowing, that I made you wait.

I’m sorry for forgetting
your very special day –
And hope that it was memorable
and the best, in every way.

Happy Belated Birthday

Even though I missed
your birthday by a mile –
I hope you celebrated it
with a smile.

Happy Belated Birthday

Although this birthday wish is late
and I’m feeling kind of rotten –
I am hoping that your day was great
and I am sorry you were forgotten.

Happy Belated Birthday
By Toni Kane

Would you consider
me fashionably late
If I were to forget
your special date?

If so, this wish is on time
and now, I don’t feel so bad –
I hope that your birthday was great
and was one of the best ever had.

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday

A belated happy birthday wish
to someone far away –
I hope you smiled every chance
on that, your special day

I know these words are overdue
the poem kind of late –
But just know this my wondrous friend
we still can celebrate

Sorry this card
is a little bit late –
Remembered your birthday
just not the date!

Happy Belated Birthday

Sorry this card
is a little belated
but the wish that comes
with it, is never outdated.

For happiness always
for dreams that come true –
Today and tomorrow and
all your life through!

I’m sorry I missed your birthday
the time flew by so fast –
I never realized that it was here
until it had already passed.

So let me just send greetings now
I hope it’s not too late –
I wish you a happy belated birthday
Even though I’m late!

Hope it was wonderful!

I remembered your
birthday days before
and noted down the date –
But it came and went
without anything sent
and now it’s so damn late.

Happy Belated Birthday

I forgot your birthday
this is my regret –
But know that you’re someone
that I could never forget.

Happiest Belated
Birthday Wishes

A little late this
birthday wish –
To say I am sorry, your
birthday was missed.

I Hope that you
had a lovely day!

I’m sending you
with slight unease –
My birthday wishes
excuse me, please.
That it’s so late
but sincerely sent
these kindly words
are truly meant.

Happy Belated Birthday

Forgetting your birthday
doesn’t mean you’re forgotten –
But I can say that it’s left me
feeling quite rotten.

I’m so sorry I missed it
and I hope this will convey
How special you are
to us every day.

Happy Belated Birthday

By Toni Kane

Although these wishes
turned up late –
I sure do hope, that
your Birthday was great.

Happy Belated Birthday

I thought about your special day
long before it came –
I told myself not to forget
then, I missed it, just the same.

But still, I hope your birthday
bought you loads of fun –
And that the coming year ahead
will be, a happy one.

Happy Belated Birthday

I didn’t wish you
at the right time –
Forgetting your birthday
was a crime.

Happy Belated Birthday.

Roses are red
cacti are prickly –
Sorry this card didn’t
get there more quickly.

Happy Belated Birthday

These wishes are Belated
but nevertheless sincere –
May every happiness, be yours
throughout the coming year.

Happy Belated Birthday

How could I forget someone
as nice as you –
Though my wishes are late
they are sincerely true.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Hope you enjoyed your special day
so sorry that I’m late –
But, I do wish you the very best
just on the wrong date.

Happy Belated Birthday

A little late with this greeting
and mighty sorry too –
Because I think of you so much
and think, so much of you.

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday, With Love

Sorry this card’s Belated
and it missed your special day –
But hope your Birthday bought
a world of happiness your way.

A Belated Birthday Wish
For Someone Special

It may be late, but just the same
this brings a wish to you –
For lots of love and happiness
and all your dreams come true!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday

So sorry this greeting
is so terribly late –
But, I sure do hope
your Birthday was great.

Happy Belated Birthday

Sorry we missed your birthday
sorry, this card is late –
Somehow the day just flew on by
and we missed your special date.

Despite being rather forgetful
we really wanted to say –
That we hope you
birthday was wonderful
and perfect in every way!

Happy Belated Birthday

Didn’t forget you
just the date –
Hope you had lots
to celebrate.

Happy Belated Birthday

You’re the kind of person
who is thought of every day –
And so this belated greeting
brings apologies your way.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

It’s too late for happy birthday
as your special day is through –
But here’s a wish for happiness
until the next one’s due.

Happy Belated Birthday

Belated Wishes With Love

Hoping that your Birthday
bought you, joy in many ways –
And lingers in your memory
as the happiest of days.

Happy Belated Birthday

A belated Birthday message
with special thoughts of you –
To hope your day was perfect
with a perfect year all through.

Happy Belated Birthday

For Someone Very Special

Things get busy, time slips by
But birthdays never wait –
So when we finally
send our thoughts
they may be kind of late.

But when it’s someone special
Someone we like a lot –
Our thoughts are always
right on time, it’s just
the card, that’s not!

Happy Belated Birthday

Even though this message
comes to you, a little late –
The wish it brings for happiness
is good for any date!

Hope All Your Wishes
Come True

Happy Belated Birthday

Your birthday slipped by on the
sly, it came and quickly went –
I felt so bad, that I forgot
So, here’s the card
I should have sent.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m sorry I missed your birthday
the time flew by so fast –
I never realized that it was here
until it had already passed.

So let me just send greetings now
I hope it’s not too late –
To wish you a happy birthday
and hope it was really great!

Happy Belated Birthday

Your birthday wish
although delayed –
Is warmly and
sincerely made.

Happy Belated Birthday

I had this card
all ready to send
I must be going
round the bend!

To post it off
I clean forgot
So did you get it?
you did not!

Well, here it is
a day too late –
Please forgive me
sorry mate!

So sorry that your Birthday
came and went, without a card –
Remembering you is easy
but the date was very hard.

Happy Belated Birthday

A Late But Sincere Birthday Wish

Certainly, I’m embarrassed
and you know the reason why –
It wasn’t you, that I forgot
somehow the day slipped by.

Happy Birthday Anyway!

Hope you had a Happy Birthday
despite this wish being late –
It wasn’t you, that was forgotten
simply the right date.
With Lots Of Love

I Really Blew It.

Your birthday came
Your birthday went –
Your birthday card
Did NOT get sent.

Happy Belated Birthday

A little late I must confess
but it doesn’t mean that I care less –
So sorry for the small delay, but
I do hope you had, an awesome day.

Happy Belated Birthday

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