Happy Birthday Sister P2

Birthday Wishes For Sister


To My Sister

Sisters aren’t afraid –
To break the rules.
Defend each other.
Take chances on one another –
– And to be there, when life
is pretty and when it’s not.

They share memories –
– hopes and dreams.
They have an unbreakable bond.

NO ONE can EVER take
the PLACE of a SISTER.

Thank you for being mine.

If you ever need a
shoulder to cry on
I am here for you –

If you ever need someone to
laugh and share memories with
I am here for you –

If you ever just want someone
there without ever saying a word
I am here for you.

Because in the truth of it all!

I will one day need you for those
very same things –
– And you know why it would be easy
because dear sister of mine
we’re family, and I love you.

Happy Birthday Dearest Sister

A GOLDEN thread
to the MEANING of LIFE.

Behind every LITTLE SISTER
there’s a BIG SISTER standing
behind her holding a bat, saying

Sisters share a closeness
no one else, could understand –
A sister’s always there to give
a hug, or lend a hand.

Sisters are the best friends
in the whole wide world, it’s true –
And that friendship is a blessing
that lasts a lifetime through.

A sister will always
notice her sister’s first

That awkward moment when you
start missing your sister!

Sisters never quite
forgive each other for
what happened when
they were five.

Never let an angry
sister COMB your HAIR.

Siblings are the people
we practice on, the people
who teach us about fairness
and cooperation and
kindness and caring – quite
often the hard way.

To the outside world, we all grow old.
But NOT to brothers and sisters.
We know each other as we always were.
We know each others hearts.
We share private family jokes.
We remember family feuds and secrets
Family grief’s and joys.
We live outside the touch of time.

If your Sister is in a
hurry to go out and cannot
catch your eye, she’s
wearing your best sweater.

My Sister My First Friend

You were my first friend
together we would laugh and play –
And whisper into the midnight hours
about the happenings in our day.

You were someone to tell my secrets to
and I knew that they would be safe –
I knew I could tell you anything
and you would love me anyway.

I shared with you my fears and dreams
and you shared with me your own –
We talked about what life would bring
when we were finally grown.

You were there to help me mend
My first broken heart –
You helped me to see
there’s so much to life
and that love was just the start.

And though there were times
we didn’t always agree
We’ve stood by each others side –
Displaying, a Sisterly strength
and a loving pride.

We were born sisters
And grew up as friends.

And I’m so grateful for you –
– And for what having you
in my life has meant.

Happy Birthday Sister

Everything important
that I learned –
– I have learned from you.
Happy Birthday Sister

We are sisters for life
and best friends forever.

Happy Birthday Sister

A Sister is
a special gift
from heaven.

Happy Birthday Sister

I’m so glad that God
gave me a Sister like YOU.

Happy birthday to a wonderful
Sister and good Friend.

Sister, although these words be few
their message is a wish sincere –
I wish you all you wish yourself
today and all the coming year.

You’re not getting older –
– you’re another year closer
to looking like Mom.

Happy Birthday My Sister

You have the sweetest and the
cutest smile I have ever seen.

I wish to always see you with
that smiling face, which
brightens up our day.

I love you, my Sister and I
wish you a very happy
and warm birthday.

May you achieve big
things in life.
God bless you

I served the cake
you poured the tea –
We built a house
under the tree.

In grown up clothes
we played all parts –
Secrets told we
crossed our hearts.

Throughout our lives
the smiles and tears –
First true loves
and football cheers.

I’ve never found
a friend so true –
I’ll love you Sis
my whole life through.

Happy Birthday Sis

A Sister like YOU is a
GIFT from the heavens.

Happy Birthday

My favorite memories are
from growing up with you.

A Sister is someone who
knows everything about you
and loves you anyway.

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