Happy Birthday Sister P3

Happy Birthday Sister


(Birthday Poems For Sister)

A Birthday Message, Sister

When you say that someone’s special
it’s not just an idle phrase –
That you use to lift a Birthday
above ordinary days.

It’s because that someone means
a lot, each day, throughout the year –
They’re not just close, in thought and mind
when times like this appear.

You are that kind of person
and always will be, too –
With your wonderful ways
and all the thoughtful things
you say and do.

So, because you’re a special Sister
you’re wished happy times and more –
Like dreams come true, that bring to you
the things you’re hoping for.

Hope You Have A Happy Birthday

Special Sister

A sister so special
fun and caring too –
I’m so very lucky
to have someone like you!

(Birthday Poems For Sister)

Happy Birthday Special Sister

Sending this greeting
especially to say –
May everything wonderful
happen for you today.

Thinking of you with love
for all your thoughtful ways –
And hoping that your Birthday
is the happiest of days.

(Birthday Poems For Sister)

My Sister My Friend

We’ve shared such happy times
so much laughter and fun –
They’re memories I treasure
each and every one.

Yes, Sister you are special
and you mean so much to me –
For no mater where life takes us
or wherever we may be.

I know deep in my heart
there’s always someone there –
To think about me kindly
because they really care.

For though life’s often difficult
On whose warmth and understanding
you know you can depend.

So no matter what, life sends our way
or how hard the road may be –
I know I’ll have a FRIEND in YOU
as you will ALWAYS have in ME.

(Birthday Verse For Sister)

It’s Birthday time again I see
another year’s gone by –
We’re older, than we used to be
the thought could make me cry.

I Love You, sister

My sister, Our hearts have grown
closer with the passing of time.

Through the ups and downs of life –
– we’ve come to understand what it
means to have each other.

Sometimes we talk often – sometimes not.
It doesn’t seem to matter the feelings

of closeness remain with me
because I know you are always there.
I love you, sister-.

What a blessing it is to call you mine!”

A Sister is a little piece of
childhood that can’t ever be lost.

Happy Birthday Sister

(Big Sister Birthday Wishes)

For You Sister

Remembering all the things we used to do –
– like dress ups and playing with dolls.

We may have grown out of them
yet we have not grown apart –

I look back to then and I remember
being so proud of having you for
my big sister –

That’s one thing that has
never changed or ever will.

Happy Birthday Sister I love you

Happy Birthday Sis

Thanks for being there
for me through the years.

(Birthday Poems For Sister)

My Sister My Friend

My sister shares
a part of me –
That no one else
shall ever see.

And when the days
and miles divide us –
The bond we have
will live inside us.

Together sharing dreams
love and laughter –
My SISTER for always

I Love You Sis

You aren’t just my Best Friend!
You are my Sister and
I LOVE YOU to freaking death.
I don’t know what I
would do without you.


She is your mirror
shining back at you with
a world of possibilities –
– She is your witness who
sees you at your worst and
best and loves you anyway.

She is your partner in crime
your midnight companion –
– Someone who knows
when you are smiling
even in the dark.

She is your teacher
your defense attorney
your personal press agent
even your shrink.

she’s the REASON
you WISH you were

Love You Sis
Happy Birthday

People come and go
in life and friends
change like the weather –
BUT – I know that my Sister
is here, always and forever.

I love you Sis

A SISTER is for telling
SECRETS and making
promises, that will
NEVER be broken.

She is without a doubt

Having a sister is like having
a permanent friend!

Someone you CAN’T get RID of!

Someone who is always
ratting you out!

But at the end of the day,
you LOVE them so much!

Happy Birthday

A Sister is God’s way of proving
He doesn’t want us to walk alone.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister

My Dearest Sister

Wishing you a very warm
and happy birthday.

You are not only
the sweetest sister
but also a true friend.

I feel blessed to have
a sister like you.

May you achieve and get
all you ever wish for.


You are my luck
my support and
my best friend.

You have always
been there whenever
I was in need.

I can never thank you
enough for the joyous
times that we shared.

On your special day –
– I wish you an awesome
birthday and a great life ahead.

May you always be happy in life.
I love you, my sweet sister.

My sisters knows EVERYTHING
about ME and LOVES me anyway.

Because ANGELS are
sometimes BUSY
elsewhere –
GOD created

Happy Birthday

You are such a sweetheart babe!
I just love you too much.

On your Birthday I promise
To keep all your secrets –
To flood you with gifts –
and NEVER to miss, a chance to
make you smile.

Happy Birthday, my dearest sister

Goofy pictures
and crazy times –
Sisters at heart
and partners in crime.

It was nice growing up
with someone like YOU!
Someone to lean on –
Someone to count on –
Someone to TELL on!

Sister to sister
we will always be –
A couple of nuts
off the family tree.

To have a sister is to
gain a lifetime companion –
– Who loves you simply
because you’re you.

One’s sister is part of one’s
essential self – an eternal
presence of one’s
Heart –
Soul –

A Sister is always there to
defend you no matter what.

If you don’t understand
how a woman could both LOVE
want to WRING her NECK at
the same time, then you were
probably an only child.

A sister is one of the nicest things
that can happen to anyone.

Sisters walk together
Through life –
Through death –
Through common bonds
and sad farewells.

They become
Aunts and Great Aunts
to each others children
and grandchildren.

They watch each other
Grow older –
Struggle –
and succeed.

I smile because you are my sister –
– I laugh because there is nothing
you can do about it!

On your Birthday, my dear Sister –
I wish I can go back in time and
slap myself every time I hurt you.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

A Sister shares
childhood memories
and grown-up dreams.

Having a sister –
Is like having a best friend
that you can’t get rid of –
– You know whatever you do
they’ll still be there.

(Birthday Poems For Sister)

Sisters are special
Sisters are friends
they laugh at jokes
that, no one else understands.

Sisters share memories
of smiles and tears –
They share the same parents
and all of their years.

Sisters function as safety nets
in a chaotic world, simply by
being there for each other.

Close to my heart you’ll be –
– Sisters forever you and me.

No matter what
no matter when –
– I know I can count
on my sister to be there.

A Sister is one
who reaches for your hand
and touches your heart.

Sisters are different flowers
from the same garden.

The best thing about
having a sister is –
have a FRIEND.

Whats the good of news –
– if you haven’t a
Sister to share it with?

A perfect sister
I am not, but
thankful for the
one I’ve got.

I love my Sister so much –
– We fight and argue
BUT, no one will EVER
take her spot.

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