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Happy Birthday Bro Birthday Wishes For Bro Birthday Cards.

Happy Birthday Bro Birthday Wishes For Bro

Bro Birthday Poems

Warmest thoughts I send today
to last the whole year through –
Wishes also that life is
always good for you.

As each and everyday goes by
remember, I love you lots –
I want the very best for you
and you’re deep within my thoughts.

Happy Birthday Bro

Happy Birthday Brother

You’re someone very special Brother
it’s so nice to have this chance –
To wish you the best of everything
a whole year in advance.

Happy Birthday Dear Brother

This is a special wish
although we’re miles apart –
Remember dear brother
you’re always, close in my heart.

We may not be together
on this very special day –
I wish all the best for you
and that it’s great in every way.

Another wish I have for you
is that, this life brings –
Many blessings in your future
and a world of wonderful things.

Happy Birthday Brother

Here’s hoping that your Birthday
will be lovely, all day through –
One that will bring new pleasures
and the things you like to do.

And every happiness wished for you
is such a special kind –
Because you well deserve the best
it’s possible to find!

Happy Birthday Bro

Thanks for being there for me
throughout all my days –
A Brother like you, is so rare
in so many different ways.

I hope your birthday is the best
that a birthday day can be –
I wish you good health and happiness
’cause you mean the world to me.

Dear Brother Happy Birthday

It’s more than “Happy Birthday”
this message wishes you –
It brings a wish for pleasure
for now and always, too.

And for good health and fortune
good friends to keep you glad –
And make each year before you
the best you’ve ever had.

Happy Birthday Brother

I’m so glad that God gave
me a Brother like you.
YOU simply are the BEST –
If I had to choose a Brother
I’d pick you out, from the rest.

To A Special Brother On Your Birthday

Your birthday is a day
to celebrate and cheer –
For that’s how you are thought of
every day throughout the year.

An understanding nature
a warm and caring heart –
Are all the things that made you
a great Brother from the start.

That’s why this brings warm wishes
for a Birthday that will bring –
The very best of luck, always
in fact, the best of everything.

For it isn’t mentioned often
but I mean it when I say –
That when it comes to Brothers
you’re the best, in every way.

Have a special Birthday

Happy Birthday Bro

A better Brother you couldn’t be.
A better Brother, I couldn’t find –
The best Brother you are to me.
so generous, loving and kind.

You’re another year older
and looking like dad –
And the clothes that
you wear, look the same.

Guess I can’t complain –
my brothers the best
Even though his
dress sense is lame.

Happy Birthday Bro

Happy Birthday Bro

Despite all of our differences
I love you still –
And I wish you all the best
and I always will.

Bro Birthday Wishes

  • Dear Brother. Wishing you much Happiness for your Birthday. Your presence has colored my life with eternal shades of happiness.

  • A Brother is a little piece of childhood that can’t ever be lost. Happy Birthday I Love You

  • For My Brother. I know there have been times when I, Irritated you teased you and pestered you – BUT – as it is your Birthday. I just WANT you to KNOW I PLAN to CONTINUE. Have A Great Birthday

  • Happy Birthday Bro. A Brother is a FRIEND for LIFE. Love You Bro

  • Sometimes no words are exchanged But we understand each other well. It feels so nice to know that nothing has changed. You’re still my same old Brother.

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