Someone Who Has Lost A Child

If you know someone who has lost a child and you’re afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, you’re not reminding them! They didn’t forget they died. What you’re reminding them of, is that you remembered that they lived and that is a great gift. – Elizabeth Edwards – Grief Quote Cards For Facebook

Someone Who Has Lost A Child Grief Card

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I Loved You Before You Were Born Baby Loss Poems

I loved you before you were born, before I ever saw your face. Before I held you in my arms, before I gave you a name. Before I heard your voice, or saw your first smile. Even before I realized, you were only here a while. I loved you in every moment and imagined those we wouldn’t share. Your first steps, your first words, the first lock of your hair. As the Angels quietly sing, I struggle to understand. Wishing for one more moment, to hold your tiny hand. – Grief Loss Facebook

I Loved You Before You Were Born Before I Every Saw Your Face Baby Loss Poems

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My Mom Is A Survivor Poem

My Mom is a survivor, or so I’ve heard it said, but I can hear her crying at night, when all others are in bed. I watch her lay awake at night and go to hold her hand, she doesn’t know I’m with her, to help her understand. But like the sands on the beach, that never wash away, I watch over my surviving mom, who thinks of me each day. She wears a smile for others, a smile of disguise, but through Heaven’s door, I see tears flowing from her eyes. My mom tries to cope with death, to keep my memory alive, but anyone who knows her, knows it is her way to survive. As I watch over my surviving mom, through Heaven’s open door, I try to tell her that Angels, protect me forevermore. I know that doesn’t help her, or ease the burden she bears. So if you get a chance go visit her and show her that you care. For no matter what she says, no matter what she feels, my surviving mom has a broken heart, that time won’t ever heal. – Grief Child Loss Facebook

my mom is a-survivor grief poem card

Last night while I was trying to sleep, my Son’s voice I did hear

Last night while I was trying to sleep, my Son’s voice I did hear, I opened my eyes and looked around but he did not appear. He said, ‘Mom, you’ve got to listen, you’ve got to understand, God didn’t take me from you, mom, He only took my hand. When I called out in pain that day, the moment that I died, He reached down and took my hand and pulled me to His side. He pulled me up and saved me, from the misery and pain, my body was hurt so badly, I could never be the same. My search is really over now, I’ve found happiness within, all the answers to my empty dreams and all that might have been. I love you all and miss you so, and I’ll always be nearby. My body’s gone forever, but my spirit will never die. And so, you must all go on now, and live and understand, God did not take me from you, He only took my hand.’ – Author Unknown – Grief Loss Facebook

Last night while I was trying to sleep my son's voice I did hear son poem card