Simple – Inspirational Poems


(Inspirational Poems)

What would you wish for

If wishes were real?

To shed hope amongst the people

and this world to heal

Give dreams to all believers

and light every day

Guide those, who have forgotten

and show them the way.

Forget about possessions

As they implant greed

Could be something just as simple

As a tree, a plant or seed

To give hope, to nourish and to show

That with a tender love

A garden will surely grow.

It is the same with humans

we really need to see

That beauty from within

is purest in majesty

The outside will age and fade

and forever be no more

Our heart it gathers love

and inside it will store

The meaning of life

and how we need to live

To share and to teach

to love and always give

The trappings of existence

can often bring us pain

Too much in the wanting

with nothing to be gained.

Will leave us feeling empty

and ultimately all alone

If we are left misguided

and never really shown

That what we seek

is in our heart

And all we need to do

is silently play our part.

Simple is better for all to see

Simple is as clear as charity

Six little letters form the word

To help us hear, and to be heard.

“I wish that life was simple” I have often said

These words that are caught within my head

But simple will not happen with greed and hate

We have to begin to change, before it is too late.