Love Poems – My Heart Heard You Call My Name

My Heart Heard You Call My Name

(Love Poems)

From the distant, dark horizon

My heart heard you call my name,

In the instant of a heartbeat

life will never be the same.

Have you ever wondered

if all those stories could be true?

Words of songs, lines from poems,

that told of love so true.

Sealed away from any chance

of playing love’s taunting game,

Ignoring signs and hiding my heart

but then you called my name.

I cannot fight the feeling

from beyond this silver screen,

a voice that echoes in my heart,

a face within my dreams.

My long days drifted sadly,

then you sheathed my steel-edged pain,

in one special moment of my life,

you gently called my name.

..I’m Glad You Came into my Life..